Review: Eton Rukus Solar Sound System

Review: Eton Rukus Solar Sound System

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In this video, I review the Eton Rukus Solar Bluetooth Sound System.



SevenTimeWinner says:

@ is it water proof?

wtf ?! who the f….what in…i…you do realize sound travels differently underwater and music you listen to in oxygen would sound very different underwater?

shadowbandit001 says:

Is it better than the beats pill

top40productions says:

Thanks a lot dude!

Kyle says:

I was wondering the same thing. I want to hear the damn thing! lol

Jessie Dajetski says:

No actual test? Just Talking… You and your BIG mouth!

mike valerio says:

i joined full sail from this vid XD i start monday

wyldtek says:

I would use this at Burning Man

birinder singh says:

when i play ball have it in a corner

jokeshahaful says:

I would use this while rowing on the water.

Skakazoom says:

Because it is an inorganic object that cannot reproduce, let alone have a same gender in which to be sexually interested in. And if you're stupid and immature enough to be using "gay" in a derogatory manner, then you're still wrong. It's gimicky, but still a step closer to non fuel based energy and works perfectly fine, even better than many speakers today. So I don't see how a fully functional, free-energy based speaker is in any shape or form "gay".

cosmodave69 says:

Ready to jam after raiding a village.

Lenny says:

if i won i would use this while im on the beach with my friends grilling and i would really love something like this since i cant afford one myself and i like to go out everyday in the summer with my friends, we always have some music playing on the phone but the speaker sucks and its not loud at all. so i hope i win šŸ™‚

jsantos502 says:

I would use it at the park when I'm playing basketball, soccer or any other sport.

James Brennan says:

My wife and I have a 1 yr old boy who loves his kiddie pool, so we would rocking out with him in our backyard. Great review, looks like an awesome device.

Ben Young says:

WHAT!!!! NO RADIO!!!! Pfffft that is dumb. It would take up literally NO extra space to put a tuner in there.

cmtrieste says:

While showering

K3N says:

I would use it on the Beach… Boyeeeee!

Andrew Micallef says:

I'd probably take it to the beach with my friends šŸ™‚ summers coming up and Malta has some great beaches, so something like this would be the ideal finishing touch to a beach BBQ and party!

thatfunkyiphonekid says:


Amir Valinia says:

I would use it on my next music video production for playback!

MacAliPro says:

I would use it in London's Hyde Park.

CSIM1004 says:

i would love love love to win this
if i could have this i'd take it out to the park or the beach while i'm with my friends or church kids so we can all enjoy some good music šŸ™‚

Sca Cam says:

I would use it on picnic.

Cameron Telfer says:

I would use it at a strip club šŸ˜‰

effsport says:

I would use it in my car because someone stole my stereo

Evan Eastep says:

I would use it on the SUN! šŸ˜›

S4M1N says:

if id win one, id prolly use it in my room while no one is at home

TheGuin says:

If I were to win one I'd use it at the beach all summer long!!!

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