Product Showcase Siig.Inc Solar portable battery charger CE-CH0112-S1

Product Showcase Siig.Inc Solar portable battery charger CE-CH0112-S1

A very useful item from Siig.Inc the Solar Portable Battery Charger can be used to charge several different electronic items including Cell Phones, PDA, Music and Video Players, As well as several more. It comes with a wide variety of adapters to be able to plug into several different brands and styles of devices. To check to see if the the plugin that you need for your device is included please click on the link below and click the specifications tab.

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FUzzyBUnnyBOoties says:

I agree i really like it. It works perfect for long weekends of camping when I use my phone to watch movies or play music all day. For such a low price it really is a must have item.

Jeffery Moore says:

I don’t understand all the negative comments. It’s not a rapid charger if you were stranded it charged your phone to 50% enough to make a call. I got for $9.99 after $10.00 rebate. I do a lot of sporting events when you’re at track meets, football games there no outlets. I have a key ring that loops through the handle of the charger I hook to my belt loop the charging cord is long enough for me to attach my phone and have it in my pocket it chargers just fine …Great product.

FUzzyBUnnyBOoties says:

I am sorry to hear that. Did you try to warranty it?. Or was it past warranty?.

Jon Boy says:

i bought that product it sucks and broke

FUzzyBUnnyBOoties says:

Technically yes. It does have a fairly slow rate of charge so if the battery in it is dead and the item that you are charging is dead it will take twice as long to charge it.

harrihu says:

Can it charge from the sun and charge an item at the same time?

FUzzyBUnnyBOoties says:

@zours101 Yes I think they are pretty much the same thing.

Christian Garcia says:

is this and the arctic c1 the same thing?

AndrettiUA says:

It will not. And not because of low current output, but mainly because of low internal capacity. It will charge most of the phones only to 50%+

FUzzyBUnnyBOoties says:

@UkFisherman81lb I am not sure because I don`t know what the voltage is on the ipad. But I can tell you the output on this is Output: 5.5VDC (USB), 500mA if that helps. You should be able to check the requirements of the ipad and see what ti calls for.

UkFisherman81lb says:

will that charge an Ipad?

FUzzyBUnnyBOoties says:

@zver711 It really is a handy little device. I didn't even know that they made anything like this.

zver711 says:

If thing supports my PSP -3001, I'll probably get it. Good choice, I like weird gadgets, dude.

FUzzyBUnnyBOoties says:

@morehate4uall They really are. It would be a great idea for any one to have one.

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