POOLCENTER.com SolarPro II solar pool heater box tour

POOLCENTER.com SolarPro II solar pool heater box tour

Inside & Out of GAME item 4513, Solar Pro II pool heater



Nannette Battista says:

work goes much faster with Avasva plans.

Dan Sizelove says:

This thing is a joke. Gives real solar heaters a bad name. The dome doesn't create a "greenhouse effect," as you state. All it does is block 10-15% of the sun. from even hitting the absorber. And the absorber is only a couple square feet of total solar surface area. Save your money!

John Salazar says:

i created a video to show how these don't work look at my channel

John Salazar says:

I have 4 of these and they DO NOTHING to heat my 18' pool. The only good thing about Game is that they stand behind their product. One of mine came with a defect in the hose and they replaced it for me. I'm angry with them however I've got over $1000 invested in these things and its not worth the electricity to run them 8-10 hours per day.

2ZZGE1983 says:

We have this system. All I can say is this is crap…

InMyOpinion says:

Great infor about "what" the system is about; however, I really wish that the spokesperson would have shown "how" to hook the system up to the above ground pool USING the INTEX adaptors. 🙁 But, other than that, the Rep did an excellent job explaining "how" the solar system WORKS. Thanks for sharing…you ROCK!

Michelle Taylor says:

Any information on how to install this if your plumbing for your pool is PVC Pipe?

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