Patriot Power Cell Solar Powered Rugged USB Battery Pack Unboxing

Patriot Power Cell Solar Powered Rugged USB Battery Pack Unboxing

I got the 4Patriots Patriot Power Cell solar powered USB power bank in the mail. This is a 10,000 mAh USB power bank with 2 USB outputs and it is charged up with a 1.5 Watt solar panel.

According to the instructions it does not need full sunlight in order to charge its internal battery either.

And if there is no sun available our you want to charge this at home before a trip you can charge it up using the included USB cable.

It takes about six hours to charge depending on conditions.

And with 10,000 mAh of battery capacity this can charge up your cell phone many times on a charge.

They also claim that the 4Patriots power bank is shock and water resistant. I plan to test this out during my field testing.

I plugged it into my computer USB port to charge it up right away so I could try it out. The LED lights on the face blink and light up in sequence as the battery charges up. When all the LEDs are lit, the power bank is fully charged.

When finished I then plugged in my cell phone to charge it up. Of course it works well.

The Patriot Power Cell portable solar USB power bank also has a built in LED light which is quite bright. There are multiple modes on the LED which you can cycle through by pressing the power button.

I am going to put this through full field testing in the coming days so stay tuned for a full review.

You can get the 4Patriots USB power bank here:

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Christina Miller says:

A good presentation because I have the Flashlight that needs no batteries. Thanks for sharing.

joyce stout says:

The charging cable they enclosed are not the connector for my IPhone, it doesn’t fit. now what??

Blue Mills Photography says:

This only works when the you're in the sun and the charger is connect. Don't expect it to work after the sun is down, it does not hold a charge at all.

Thomas demartino says:

No wonder comments are turned off on some of their advertisements. They are trying to sell you crap.

graphicats 3D says:

I gave these as Christmas presents only to find they're crap. iPhone, apple charger, sat in the sun for 6 hours, all blue dots lit, connect to phone …. just doesn't communicate with the phone. There is a constant ping sound. No charge. MAJOR disappointment and what a crappy gift these turned out to be. That should NOT be the story.

Washington Redskins says:

Very disappointed with this product…barely charges…clip on the rear useless…want to support the company…but this product is a POS

Clown Whisper says:

they show this sitting on a dashboard under a windshield charging and it literally cannot take that kind of heat the case will bow and come apart if it gets hot from him being inside of a car. It'll Fall apart.!!

Clown Whisper says:

If you do a search on this product I'm Google you'll come up with three videosall three of them have comments disabled because they're actually paid advertisement me to look like legitimate reviews. Every piece of this product is made in China and they claim that it's u.s. made yeah it's snap together in the US it's not manufactured in the US as far as I know. Not so much patriotic.

You can literally make one of these for under $10 if you have a bunch of used batteries this is equivalent to about for 18650 batteries and forget the solar charger 40 solid hours of direct non-stop sunlight to charge this thing it'll literally take you almost a week

joe Recto says:

Just so you know… If you are in your cabin in the woods, relying solely on your solar array, you ARE off the grid. The "Grid" is the municipal power utility company, sewer & water. Using the featured product takes you off your main system, which is already off the grid. Besides…that product is junk.

Judson Mize says:

My girlfriends dad got conned into buying 2 of these. They are absolute crap. They glitch up and you can’t turn them off; it will show that it is on but won’t charge anything you plug into it. I had to turn on the flashlight to kill the battery out so I could use it again. The solar panel is a gimmick. You can’t charge up the battery pack with solar only. The solar is only for if the battery is dead and you need to charge a dead call phone or tablet. However it will really only keep the phone or tablet on while it’s got direct light, and it doesn’t charge it much past 1-5%.

Rocio Armendariz says:

You are not using the USB port included in box!
Not Good! What’s the return timing on this thing!

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