OFF GRID solar power starter kit

OFF GRID solar power starter kit


With the solar panels mounted on our diy ground mount, we have started on the next step towards achieving power. Watch as we lay the conduit and set up the combiner box for our off grid system. You will get to see the most vital equipment that will make it all possible! We hope to expand the system one day as our demands grow. We also ran the wire through the conduit which was way more difficult than we thought it would be. With a little teamwork, we finally got it through. We can finally see the solar powered light at the end of the tunnel🌞


1. Charge Controller:

2. Inverter:

3. Junction Box/ Switchgear Box:

4. Control Panel:

5. Combiner Box:

6. Solar Panel Breaker:

7. Extra Solar Panel Cable (for H4 Style Cable):



Nick Fregia says:

yall are my new favorite thing to watch now. so inspiring! i also really like the music! you should post a songlist in the description too 🙂

pwgide says:

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Shantelle Adeline says:

I took great plans from Avasva . It help me a lot with my own solars.

Harry Palms says:

What kind of battery packs are you using?? I have never seen those Tesla packs.

Bhaskar Param says:

Wow wow good video

Southern Ohio Solar homestead says:

Been a long time watcher great channel , I can’t remember do you guys use a bms with the Tesla batteries?

conk shell says:

HINT….NEXT TIME LEAVE PVC CONDUIT UN-GLUED  AS YOU THREAD THE WIRE THROUGH…gives you much more flexibility in final fitting… ONCE ITS GLUED…..that's it

HardwareLabor says:

Pretty Woman

Natasa Ferguson says:

How have the Tesla batteries worked for storage capacity?

phill unrau says:

…what about windmills on our flat earth haaa

john nicholson says:

love your channel keep it going

Shantelle Adeline says:

looking for really good idea to make some diy stuffs ? go to Avasva

Shantelle Adeline says:

I think you can see some good advices on Avasva solutions.

J Peters says:

Lovely series I look forward to watching every episode.
Are the cows and donkeys your animals?
How much land did you buy?

sarge27271 says:

Yeah well thanks a lot for that tid bit of advice "Build right next to a Home Depot"….
The manager from Home Depot wasn't pleased at all when I started pouring my slab in their parking lot….

nurses pk says:

Love from Pakistan 🥰

pece stefanovski says:

can you realy have girl like her off greed ???respect for the girl

Jorge Serna says:

What was the price on those batteries back then? I run AGM but want to get some Tesla modules to upgrade.

Jorge Serna says:

I'm so jealous because you have green grass, green trees, green pond and green container. My land is so sad, dry, dust and dirty.

oldbridges92 travis scott says:

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Alain nash says:

Did that b*tch ever do something??

asymptotic singularity says:

It was weird to see 70 something VDC on a 48 VDC nominal system. It is fine tho

Paul Cullen says:

When is the finished video goin up

chahat chawla says:

Which place you guys made your house. Please let me know. It is such a beautiful place. Love the nature around your house.

Night Kid says:

Watching it from the start in 2020. . .

Ric Bermil says:

what is the type of batteries ur using? thanks!

noel swan says:

Lithium ion batteries die eventually, because , ( crystals , named dendrites, form whenever you CHARGE the battery. Fast charging is worse than regular slow charging, because more dendrites form , and these Dendrites take up space , and there there is less space left for electrons. Recycled batteries is simply , the act of taking out individual batteries , that have filled up too much with Dendrite crystals, and putting in new or other used batteries from some other pack . Sure , now it works, but you are now stuck with packs of batteries that have an unknown life, because they have less capacity . They could be 75 percent full of Dendrites, and can only hold 25 percent charge, and you are unaware of the performance that you could be getting.

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