Off Grid Solar Panels and Batteries for My Secret Yurt in the Forest | Showering Off Grid

Off Grid Solar Panels and Batteries for My Secret Yurt in the Forest | Showering Off Grid

Off Grid Solar Panels and Batteries for My Secret Yurt in the Forest | Showering Off Grid

Thanks to We Go Solar for helping with our Solar Panel and Off Grid Battery System

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Off Grid Athlete says:

Help us keep going!!! We need everyone…become a patron to support our videos and Off Grid project here:

knowledge share says:

Why not have some decent solar panels one proper panel can do 330kW or more? I would donate some gear if you want ? Fuck lead acid go LIFEPO4 ! Watch

H. AlMoharib says:

Wow it is beautiful life with the one you love in a free space far from the hustle and bustle of humanity🌺🌹👍

suresh gopani says:

Welcome to india

Michael Milstead says:

pics of the young lady are perfect…complainers are just jealous they never had a dedicated women who understands and appreciates a good man…beautiful people doing beautiful stuff…keep going my friends

Latarsha Jowers says:

If you need money to keep going, put your little pork star to work…. !!!!!

реальная жизнь says:

Здравствуйте. Что это за место? Если не секрет.

Jon Mason says:

You can use a rv12v pump they have a built in pressure switch so that it only runs when you turn on the facets. A switch next to the sink is standard in a RV. I use my RV from may to October traveling around and selling at events. Several events have no hook ups. I now have 3-100watt solar panels on the roofirst mounted flat with a slight raise about an inch all around for cooling air flow. When they get hot output drops a bit.
Led acid is the least expensive type of battery. If you can find battery packs front a wrecked hybrid or even vehicle, they store more energy per pound. The Tesla battery is the best at around $1000. This is my next step up in power storage

longshorts3 says:

I mean' t to add for your PV system, only use deep cycle or LiPo batteries for your system if you can afford the LiPo batteries, it is worth it because the recharge cycles are much better.

longshorts3 says:

I think you both should get your Amateur Radio licenses, it is easy, and Alaska has a special frequency for emergencies that we in the lower 48 listen to just in case. You can use handheld radios to keep in touch with each other, or an H-F radio for news and talking to others! Good for weather info, too.

Иван Иванов says:

Ваши деревья и природа это просто невообразимо! 🙂

Uğur Ateş says:

Yaw adamlar yapiyor valla. Helal olsun. 👏👏

Truthseeker Digging Deeper says:

Who is paying for all your stuff? Seems like you have everything one would need in an off grid home. How do you pay for all of this stuff? Patreon?
We agree with all the comments about click bait and your hot girlfriend. Not that we don't appreciate her. But come on man, let's stay with all the good information.

Dave Sullivan says:

Thanks for the solar explanation; good illustration with the belt thing…..

Sauce Vault says:

This guys a total douchebag

slinkytreekreeper says:

The clickbait desperation is too much, I can't watch or support it.
You'd do well to read the comments and head the advice, why lose viewers this way?
Try without and see the growth continue…

Dung Mai says:

# 1 have a nice day

Danny Wilson says:

wow he didnt tell you ONLY add water after you charge the batteries

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