New Solar Products Hitting the Market.

New Solar Products Hitting the Market.

HahaSmart’s Solar News Episode 14: New Solar Products Hitting the Market.

Welcome back to HahaSmart’s Solar News, the solar power industry has new products hitting the market!

LONGi debuted their new solar shingle, the Hi-MO x, in Melbourne, Australia on august 12, 2019. The new solar product gained attention for it’s advanced feature, high density power and the sleek appearance.

It is a high-efficiency module using mono perc technology and a shingled layout to achieve a leading front-side module conversion efficiency of 20%.

The Hi-MO x brings new technology to roof-top solar that generates more power, is safer and more reliable.

The 60 solar cell output will put LONGi ahead of the curve. The maximum power output is between 335 and 355 watts, where as their competitions power outputs currently range from 310 to 325.

We estimate that LONGi will bring the Hi-MO x technology to the united states in the second quarter of 2020, after the tariff drops from 25% to 20%.

August 8th it was announced that the solar manufacturer q cells is expanding the reach of its home energy storage product with a launch to the UK and Ireland markets.

The solar battery solution has already been launched in Germany, and can be used for solar homes or new solar installations, as well as power plants or microgrid applications.

The storage solution has a 6.5kW hours storage capacity, provided by an lg chem lithium-ion battery, as well as an ac inverter and energy management system.

Q cells will face the tough competition from solar companies in the solar storage business, like Tesla’s powerwall, LG Chem’s RESU battery line, Panasonic’s harbor flex smart battery storage system, and BYD’s PV + storage.

We estimate that q cells will be bringing its home energy storage product or another like it to the united states within the next year.

Want to hear about comparable products that LONGi and Q-cells competition has? Head over to and let us know!

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