Mark Carney favours massive corporate welfare for solar panels.

Mark Carney favours massive corporate welfare for solar panels.

Mark Carney favours massive corporate welfare for solar panels.

He admits most solar components are from China.

China’s coal-powered mines & factories make solar products in a region suspected of forced labour.

Does his company get its solar products there?

I asked.



Brad Van Steinburg says:

Carney answers questions like sweet lil justin, come listen to my useless answer.
Also, Korea makes panels, then no money to justins commy lover Xi.
When will justin have our Covid drug money returned to Canada then Drug manufacturer Providence can produce Covid and others medications here.
Get out from under communist china or regime companies in other countries.

mike fedele says:

It is amazing…. It is a wonder that these f#ck tards can even dress themselves…. These are the people in charge of right and wrong? Profits over lives…. "Environment" over lives…. This whole thing is Insanity.

Kled Dred says:

When is there going to be an election? If there had been one last year thousands of Canadian lives and livelihoods could have been saved but no one cared enough to force one in my opinion.

sotirios Chortogiannos says:

Pierre keep the fire in your heart burning. People craving for someone with your strength, integrity and all around outstanding character. Thank you!

Fedup says:

Look at that guy squirm. A true Liberal indeed..!

Chris Gillard says:

In the Brave New World; all human beings become willing slaves to the state. Such a pity. Well done Pierre Poilievre; once again you have proven to all that you are the man that should be the Prime Minister of Canada. Certainly not that Prime Mistake that seems to think of himself as King Louis the Idiot of France in 1789.

Brian Petrini says:

someone? needs to END this madness…..please or just shoot ME!!!

Bob T says:

Mark Carney and Chrystia Freeland sit on the board of the World Economic Forum. As such they are in league with global leaders to bring about the Great Reset. Their Build Back Better agenda is designed to subliminally enhance the climate agenda along with 4IR. There is nothing one can say or do that will move the likes of Mark Carney. The worst of it is that we as Canadians never got a vote as to whether we were for or against this manifesto.

Santerre & Son Garage says:

"The solution for pollution is dilution" according to liberal. Hiding it behind a curtain doesn't mean is gone, just out of sight.

Brenda Carroll says:

Why did you vote in favor of stopping all elections until after the so called pandemic? And who decides? The crooked w.h.o. the bought scientists, the pocket politicians? You guys work for the people don't think this will be forgotten

Jon TeeHee says:

Carney knows he cannot rely on a chain of custody from China so there is no way to prove that the wafers he buys are not from labour camps

J.R. says:

It's funny when government wants to attack corporations on moral decency, I like polievre, but a government official going after a Corp usually ends up on the board or paid off behind the scenes for raising this…it seems like a cash grab by poli I wont lie

Marian says:

I love how they moved Pierre to try and shut him up… and yet he’s rattling even more chains now!!! Slay, Pierre!

K Perdue says:


Kind Kyle says:

Carney does not care about Canadian jobs, just about his own pocket book

Bruce Fiset says:

The problem is ,people voted liberal..and now Mr Otoole and Pierre are trying to fix the proplem

Silu Danji says:

Poilievre you are a true Canadian who cares for this country

Scott Craig says:

The liberal assassin strikes again!

Lavender Family Farms says:

I hated dealing with Brookfield in the Military. They were and are corrupt, and now they call support of human rights abuse including genocide as humanitarian? Pathetic.

This guy is a complete narcissist, his smirk speaks deeply of his character, which he has none.

No One says:

F ing liar,no honesty,integrity or empathy for anyone as long as he is making more money,typical rich elite hypocrite!

Peter Mars says:

How does Shenzhen connect to gencide?

E-P Flow says:

Disgusting and disturbing. How about invest that money in Canada first and build Canadian jobs.

Keith Mayhew Hammond says:

I love how you said solar panels being produced by coal plants. I almost fell out of my chair. And that was not even the main point, but just a subtle addition. You are on fire sir.

RDV V says:

So does the market decide or not?

Jeff Tighe says:

The "Conservative" Party also wants to waste billions of tax dollars on corporate welfare….they just want to pick different companies than the Liberals.
Only the PPC promises to end ALL corporate welfare and allow the market to dictate winners and losers, because the PPC are actual conservatives, not big government leftists like the "Conservatives".

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