Lowest Solar Cost: Is 2020 the Best Year to Purchase Solar? Cost Comparison Analysis

Lowest Solar Cost: Is 2020 the Best Year to Purchase Solar? Cost Comparison Analysis

Lowest Solar Cost: Is 2020 the Best Year to Purchase Solar? Cost Comparison Analysis

NOTE: The Calculations in the Video are for the ENTIRE SYSTEM INSTALLED – Not just for the panels.

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Cleanerwatt says:

The Calculations and COST PER WATT in the Video are for the ENTIRE SYSTEM INSTALLED – Not just for the panels.

The Solar NERD says:

In 2022 it is still a 10% tax credit, please correct your video.

The Solar NERD says:

It is not a "deduction" it is a tax credit, dollar for dollar. Your use of the word deduction is not accurate.

jigga jaw says:

Roughly $3 per watt… when will we see $0.50 per watt? When is the next big price drop?

Kris Chillinsky says:

last year was best to go solar when tax credit was at 30%

Garret D says:

This is fantastic, really emphasizes the value of that tax credit. Thanks for the video.

Pushkar Singh says:

In India price is 33 ₹ / watt and 1$ = 74 ₹ and in America its 2$ / watt, also per unit of electricity charge is double in usa as compare to India

Nipomo Beach says:

Not a tax deduction. It is a tax credit. Big difference!!

Jason Laboy says:

If we still have an orange president for 2021 the best time to buy will be Nov 3rd

Steve Mc says:

Efficiency is measures in perfect light conditions (W/sqm). Where the really good panels show their worth is during not perfect light, medium light and low light. Most of daytime (ave 12 hours per day) is medium light (clouds, mist, rain, morning, evening etc)
The best panel brand in terms of actual performance is the Trina Solar Duomax. It's also double glass so a much better panel all round.

griffwand says:

Adding solar will also increase your property value, so even if you sell your home before the system has 'paid itself off', you will probably recoup the value of the solar system with a better selling price.

Vlad Dank says:

This was the most useless cost analysis video I've ever seen. It was more like a lite history lesson. You never even went into how long it would take before solar would pay itself off. Calculating watts per dollar for a solar panel is dumb. This could've been done in a much better way if you just calculated how much kilowatts is generated per year and how much savings that equates so, because for 99.9% of people that's what really matters in regards to investing in solar.

Anyway, if you want the real number, a Tesla solar panel in Pennsylvania takes about 12 years to pay itself off and start making you money. I calculated the savings produced by generating the solar and going back to the grid vs PECO's cost of operation monthly, properly incorporating the kwh charge as well as the flat fees. On a $6800 solar system with Tesla you said a bit under $50/month in electricity costs. This will scale with their other systems, so you can pay about double for two sets of panels and will save a bit under $100/month.

So, if you plan to keep your house for more than a decade, it could be worth it, but solar technology is improving quickly. If you haven't invested in a Roth IRA or 401k and you're trying to convert over to solar, the only reason would be peace of mind and maybe if you're adding a backup battery, or if you live in some areas with a lot of sun and a ridiculous electricity price. Otherwise, wait for solar to grow more over the next decade.

John theux says:

Look at this, 0.03$ per KWH:

Curtis Green says:

2020 best year to buy solar? Yes…until 2021

Rick Farwell says:

Do these cells degrade much after 5 or 10 years? When would they need to be replaced?

Ana Scarlett says:

That still doesn't tell me if its affordable for some who live in low income households because I barely make $15,000 a year and my electricity is $150 and for me to get solar panels I doubt that it would be cheap but if you can prove me wrong I would be happy

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