LITOM Solar Lights Outdoor with USB Charging – Review

LITOM Solar Lights Outdoor with USB Charging – Review

These LITOM Solar Lights are great for outdoor / garden security. They are extremely durable, designed to work in all weather conditions from rain (water proof), heat and frost.

The LITOM Solar Lights come with 8 light settings with white or warm light setting, so something to suit all individual needs.

LITOM Solar Lights use the sun to charge and they also come with a usb cable/charger if you want to optionally charge them using electricity.

The motion sensor can detect motion up to 39.3FT/12m away, suitable for any outdoor space fro garden to garage.

Good points:
– durable, works in all weather types including winter months
– various lighting modes to suit individual needs
– very bright light
– white and warm light setting
– usb charging option
– affordable price

Bad points:
– none at this point

Amazon link to where I bought my LITOM Solar Lights from:



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