Litom Solar and Landscape Lights and Long Term Updates

Litom Solar and Landscape Lights and Long Term Updates

Today, we are going to check out some more of the Litom Solar Lights 120 LEDs and their Landscape 30 LED solar lights. We will do the unboxing, setup and installation. Also, I’ll show you how my other solar lights have been holding up after 1 1/2 years for my Lemontec and Luposwiten solar motion lights. We will see if they are still working or not.

These solar motion lights are pretty affordable and they work pretty good as to add some security lighting in your house and property. There are no batteries to replace and as long as you have a decent amount of sunlight, these solar motion lights will provide you lighting at night and my 30 dollar investment has still been working even after 1 1/2 years.

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Surge P says:

DJI 2019 DJI Osmo Pocket on minute 6:43 you looked down to press a button. Then the camera turned. You were pressing the button on the Gimbal.

Elizabeth M says:

Yung sa Litom po, kaya yan sa Pilipinas? Kung super malakas po ang ulan?? Thanks!!

Bochin FTW says:

Can anyone tell me which are the best two fo these to buy

Vitto Cuachon says:

Very nice review Sir. 🙂 Are you A Filipino?

Thunder says:

How long do they last? You said you have one for over a year…do the lights go bad?

Mole says:

Stop virtue signaling, I can't stand listening to people talking about social distancing. Are you some health expert or something?

Tsurumaki Hitomi says:

Your videos are very helpful!!! Thank you!

Stephen Ducar says:

Got my set this week and they seem to work really well! Keep up the good work!

C DOWNEY says:

what is the maximum height they should be installed?

Captain Rick says:

Nice! Thanks for sharing!

TJ B says:

Always good content and always right on time

Angel Herrera says:

Which one in your opinion is brighter and better if pricing wasn't a factor

Mr1972Dean says:

This video is informative. Thank you. I have had 2 sets of Litom lights. The first set lasted a year and a died. The second set, one works and one does not. But I still would order more because they work great. For peeling, have you reached out to see if they should be peeled during installation?

David Polanco says:

I am still using my Lemontec Solar Lights based off your review that (one year and half ago) and they are still golden! They do yellow, however I have them 8 FT high so no one will notice them. They are on each side of the house once side with pool equipment, the other with the AC Unit, and last the Garbage bins. Still flawless and certain THE best bang for your buck.

Sing_A_Song says:

I'm guessing iPhone 11 pro max. (att service).

Stephen Will says:

Thanks for the update. I have had my two Litom 63 LED Solar Motion lights since the beginning of October 2019. They are mounted outside on a shed and set to dusk to dawn setting. The overall brightness is rather dull and the lights do not project outward as listed in the literature. I wonder if your lights are doing better due to the location (TX) vs, my location in the Pocono Mts. of PA, where the sunshine is limited. Do you know of anyone using the lights in the Northeast and how well are the lights performing? At this point in time, I cannot say that the lights are performing as advertised. Maybe, the solar capacity is not enough for this physical location. Hopefully, Litom is listening and will make improvements.

Ashneal says:

Thank you for the video. Really appreciate your work.

EOSJOE says:

I have 8 of the Litom solar wall lights. Some are 102 LED and others are 54 LED. They all still work perfectly. The oldest is a 3-year old 54-LED model. The next oldest is a 20-month old 102 LED model. They are all set to remain off normally and then go full brightness when motion is detected. I don't recall ever pealing anything off the solar panel and none of mine are exhibiting the pealing condition that you show in the video.

Tango Digital Systems says:

Your videos are always better.

Bulldog FIT says:

Go Pro Hero 8?

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