Is Solar Worth It? My experience after two years owning Solar Panels

Is Solar Worth It? My experience after two  years owning Solar Panels

After two years of owning solar panels, I look at the finances of owning solar panels to see if it was a positive investment.

My Google sheet I use in the video-–o/edit?usp=sharing



your all idiotz says:

No your saving 1000.00 a year for 25 years. Or 83.33 a month over 25 years.

J s says:

Lol bro frfr

Michael W says:

Dont forget the price of repairs, maintenance, and battery bank replacement costs over the 25 year.

UltimateLocke says:

Few issues.
One roofs do not last 25 years, good luck finding a company that's going to remove the solar panels without charging you 2-4k extra to do your roof.
Two. $40k for solar panels is actually insane, those panels don't cost that much hell even homedepot has DIY kits for $1k

Yes the "quality" might not be the same but I can say 100% you can find a Solar company that will sell you the same if not better solar panels for about $300-$400 per panel if not cheaper.
Lets go with the "high end" $400 x 36 Solar Pannels= $14,400 Add about $1500 for a solar electric box professionally installed and total is $15,900.
You could then still get the SEC benefits the only difference is you didn't get scammed by a company for "labor".
Also looking at estimates for 25 years is completely unrealistic, for all you know the solar panels might become worthless in 10-15 years by that time the company that has the warranty might be sold or no longer in business. I live in Florida and I've seen/heard from many people getting "roof warranties" for 5-10 years and the companies all back out or do temporary fixes

So yeah anyone who's looking into solar should do 2 things.
1. Get a damn metal roof before getting solar panels
2. Look into getting high-efficiency solar panels kites that you install and even if you have to "hire a company to do the work you will literally be saving 20-30k.

Like I can honestly tell you the majority of contractors can secure solar panels to roofs that's not an issue. The only time you need a "real professional is when it comes to the electrical box which should cost around $1500. So you have to ask yourself why the hell is this guy paying 40k for solar panels?

Sunny Nain says:

Good system

Bruno Lazaro says:

$40k? + interest? dafuck. that setup costs like $15k in the UK

Dennis Fahlstrom says:

It appears that your solar outfit put a hurt on you. My 9.12 KW system cost 28.8k and the 7550 in tax rebates is mine to keep. Our state does not offer SRECs which sound good for the consumer but can easily change over time — and probably will as more folks go solar. The company I dealt with uses all made in US equipment and they did offer a low cost loan @ 1.49% but I opted to pay for it myself. I applaud you for going solar and you shouldn’t lose money but over the long run you should be saving a lot more on your electricity. When my system is paid for (the loan to myself) in 9 years, from that point forward my electric bills will be nearly zero. This makes good financial sense as well as good environmental sense.

black12212 says:

$41 GRAND !!!!!??? Even with the tax incentive. Idk man 😩

Julio Gonzo says:

Prices for electricity in my humble opinion, are going to skyrocket, so I think you will end up ahead in the long run. They want to do away with internal combustion vehicles, and with the infrastructure as it stands now, I can't see it powering millions of charging stations at once. Beefing it up will cost a ton of money, and these costs will be passed on to consumers. Also green energy is far more costly, and as we move away from gas fired generation of electricity, that will also raise prices. I think off grid makes a lot of sense in the future.

bioxplode says:

Keep it simple. The amount of math only allows for scams. First, I don't understand how "Going Green" should cost more. I would love to own Telsa batteries and go solar, however, when your estimating your costs over 25 years, the solar panel on your house today will be a pile of junk in 25 years. Rather going solar, I live with less energy and use LED lighting and run my air conditioner when its to the extreme.

tll l says:

I don’t understand the 180 is part of the 40 k payback

Tony Christensen says:

I can't believe the cost of the system!!! What size system is it? I'm in Australia and I've just ordered a 10.3kw system with quality solar edge inverter and quality panels installed by a reputable electrician solar specialist for $9500 AUD

Shaughn Whitehead says:

Did you actually receive a check from the IRS? The way its been explained to me by a couple tax accountants is that the Solar Tax Credit lessens your tax liability, and the IRS is NOT going to give you a refund for the tax credit.

Robert Ware says:

don't the SRAc stop after 10 years? in that case it'll never hit breakeven

John Baldwin says:

Maybe you can do an overall number after 15 years as well…. After that you don't get your srec boost. Your system will then go for another 10 years with just the financing costs VS utility savings. It might give you a different (slightly better) feeling.

Daniel Trujillo says:

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Djilali Ramdane says:

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