Intex Solar Pool Heater; Real Life Review

Intex Solar Pool Heater; Real Life Review

This is in a quick Real Lie Review of the Intex Pool Solar Heater. IT WORKS.

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Victoria Morton says:

PLEASE be my best friend! I laughed out loud so many times! On a RealLifeReviews video marathon right now. Thank you so much for your candor and common sense!

TK GreyHawk says:

I have the same pool as you. It's very hard to find this in the 18ft variant. Any ideas?

Jason Smith says:

I better get mine now before they sell out like all other pool supplies have. Good review!!!

SocialBounty Make Money App says:

we should be youtube buddies HNTf

RooRoo Ray says:

"The water may catch fire" … You got me to LOL 🤣
Another great review, almost want go find some blue bubble wrap 😆 I jest!
I'll definitely look into this, if not for this year, next year, your reviews haven't let me down so far! Thank you

A Ros says:

⭐️ mine has holes….OMG! Rolling over with laughter 😂😂😂.

Sinny says:

wanna collab?

Lisa Ann says:

We had ours for 2 seasons ~ we were very pleased with it ~ if the pool had lasted longer, so would have the heater. It seemed that everything lasted longer than our pool with those darn windows. 😂😂😂😂

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