I Installed a Power Plant Myself | HUGE DIY Solar Panel System

I Installed a Power Plant Myself | HUGE DIY Solar Panel System

I have wanted to get solar panels for a while but I didn’t think it was worth it. But prices have come way down, and I also wondered if I could do it myself. This was one of my most challenging projects yet, but so rewarding! Now we have no electric bills and we even make money every month. #DIYsolar #solar #solarpanels

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FrugalRepair says:

What do you think about getting solar? Check the video description section for the various links.

TenNineEightSeven says:

Awesome job 👍

Felix Su says:

Time to add lithium iron phosphate batteries. Charge the batteries up and you can still send power to the utility. Now you don't depend on the utility for power when the sun isn't shining.

hoff6173 says:

Very informative. Great hustle. Great work. Great results.

MusicInspire says:

Yeah, and at a cost above the cost for paying regular bills.

Aaron Skuse says:

Hope that the panels in the middle row aren't ever going to fai!

zhammmy says:

This is GOOD, the ability to have this Apollo guy giving you electricity and don't have to pay anymore electric bills.

Jonasz Przybycień says:

This looks cool. My mom thinks of putting solar on our house but here in Poland doing this yourself is unheard of – most ppl just hire companys that specialize in this and goverment programs to make it financially feasible.

spikehamer2 says:

From simple soldering to full blown solar is a colossal step up

Congrats on such perfect resiltst

anj2099 says:

Amazing sir hats off.

Ketan Morajker says:


E Dar says:

If too many people do this. The greedy utilities and government will introduce extra charges for sure.

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