I HAD TO CALL IT QUITS // huge changes to our solar kiln

I HAD TO CALL IT QUITS // huge changes to our solar kiln

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The Nomadic Movement says:

Hey guys. Seen a lot of comment about the dog house getting too hot from the kiln. Just want to explain so you guys don’t worry:
1st. The whole underside will be insulated and covered with plywood to stop the pups from eating the insulation
2nd. The dogs generally only go in their house at night to sleep. This is when the kiln is not hot. If it was too hot they wouldn’t go in there
3rd. Heat rises so the transfer of the heat will be minimal.
Hope this eases some of your concerns!

Jenny Montague says:

That new building with the black and then silver heads on the screws looks cool. I was also very interested in the No Bark Dog Collar. Please let me know if it works and what the name brand it. My neighbor's dog is driving me nuts-constant incessant barking all day and 1/2 the night. I'm either going to kill him or buy the neighbor a dog caller.

HYDRO says:

Kaylee is so sweet and caring for all the animals just imagine how she'll be when baby girl arrives.

Nicole Mayer says:

That pregnancy glow, looking gorgeous 🙂

Dona Harrell says:

How many buildings do you have now? Looks great!!

Ted Ramage says:

Nice Solar Kiln, keep an eye on the temps for the puppy house.

belizeguy says:

Another day, more issues to solve!!! You guys rock!!

Ninsídhe says:

Just one point- you’re not ‘going to be’ a dad in five months, you already ARE a dad and a mum to a beautiful little girl! Sadie is already HERE with us all, she’s just getting ready to land planetside 💜💜

Erin Barrow says:

The solar house looks great guys love it

Margaret heathcote says:

Wow you guys came a long way. Soo happy 4 u both hang in there life is like a roller-coaster lett of up and downsu got this

Debbi Blakeslee says:

Hey guys we want “lola’s Farm” t-Shirts 💞💞💞💞💞🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻please !!!!!!

Lori Smith says:

I tested positive for the corona virus with what I thought was a cold. You might want to get tested to be sure.

Obey Your Fools says:

I sure hope you guys are going to cut some ventilation holes in the upper edge of that kiln or that moisture your drying lumber will shed will turn that kiln into a sopping wet sauna! I would recommend a row of 4" (easy using a 4" drill driven hole saw) holes covered with screen to keep out wood loving bugs.

Frank Pappalardo says:

Thank you with another vlog

Collibri Lovex says:

Jordon you are nowhere near a Dad bod 😂, Your bodies banging you have nothing to worry about man :).

sue thompson says:

I love every thing you have done on the farm, but I now worry that where the dogs are sleeping will be very very hot because it is painted black which will make it as hot as the wood drying part. How about painting it white and it will not get so hot. Just thinking!

TheChemicalGamer says:

Damn when the video ended I was like I was enjoying that lol

Maria Grännsjö says:

I get an instant feeling of freedom when I watch your videos. It makes me so happy and peaceful ❤️ love you guys and I hope all is well. Love and hugs from Maria in Sweden 🇸🇪❤️🌸

jeanne rountree says:

Has Panama been working on vaccinating all their Citizens and how did they handle non-citizens and residents? Do you have the opportunity to get vaccinated if you want? I’m not sure what the recommendations are for pregnancy.

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