How to Use the 4Patriots BugOUT Solar Lantern

How to Use the 4Patriots BugOUT Solar Lantern

Want to Learn More About theBugOUT Solar Lantern? 👉

Being outdoors is something we all appreciate now more than ever. This week Katie walks us through the ins and out of the 4Patriots BugOUT Solar Lantern. This nifty little gadget is more than what meets the eye. 💡🦟☀️



opryhopeful says:

You are freakin BEAUTIFUL, Katie. You do resemble Taylor Swift, for sure, but you a unique. WOW!

Mike Pendergrass says:

Looks awesome, there are so many of your items I want. Hopefully, one day.

Lynne Coleman says:

This lantern is currently sold out, will you be restocking them in the near future?? I need one!!

I Am Wee-Yum says:

When will these be back in stock? I'm ready to purchase!


Nice I like that and will definitely be buying a few in the near future

Billy TheKidster says:

I for one am impressed with the products of 4Patriot. I just received my 3 month supply of 25 year shelf life provisions and am currently awaiting the arrival of my 4 solar cell power chargers.
My question is this, I'm not what one would refer to as a "crazy cat person," but I do have a lot of rescues at my place of residence. I suspect that horseflies and such get into my apartment through my air conditioner, and with so many cat litter boxes to maintain I am providing them with prime areas to lay their eggs. They have never been a major problem but I'd like to take whatever precautionary measures I can to prevent an infestation. Do you think this product can serve well in this area, indoors? Just curious. I'll probably order a couple of them just to test them out anyway. Regards.

jensredshoes says:

Wow, she looks a lot like Taylor Swift.

todd long says:

This women is Beautiful …who is she ?

Lisa Knight says:

Looks like a good product.

Yvonne Harding says:

Cool Product… Perfect for gatherings during the late night evening hours!

Timothy Mccarthy says:

How expensive is it?

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