How to make solar panel / solar cell at home

How to make solar panel / solar cell at home

In this video i will make a solar panel at home in diy method.
You can make the silicone by adding solvent with pure silicone powder.
Maximum current 20mA.
After few hours the cell stopped working.
So, don’t attempt to make it.
Solution used to etch the copper was Ferric Chloride. (FeCl3)
1 spoon in half litre water.
Be careful to use the solution.
Don’t throw the waste in drainage.
Eatching took about 10 mins.



TheLazyDys says:

Hey! You guys are doing great.Stay Home.
Some things you all wanted to know in comments section. As the video maker is QUARANTINED . We the publishers are giving some infos.
If you want to make such solar cell.Don't try this. *The cell stopped working after few hours*.
The solution used to remove copper was ferric chloride 1 table spoon in half litre water . It took 10 mins to remove necessary copper .Surely the etching time depends on your plate area. Be careful using any chemical .
The current was not more than *20mA*. We tried to light up an led.
It was dim.
Moreover it is very tedious job, rather i Would buy a solar cell.
Thanks all.


Hum ise home me kor sakte hey???

David Raviczki says:

This guy just didnt know how to show everyone how straight he can make the lines, so he made this video.

Manoj Mehra says:

Bolkar to bataya kaise banaya hai yah video tabhi to samajh mein aaega Nahin to bevkuf mat banao

Menandro Channel says:

wow.shout sir..nice videos..thanks also

faisal sayed says:

It would have been real if the title was “How to make solar panel / solar cell”,
But addition of “at home” made this video fictional !!!

Mohammed sajith says:

அண்ணா இந்த சேலர் பெட் தயாரிக்க தேவையான பொருற்களை மட்டும் சொல்லுங்க தமிழில் சொல்லுங்க please bro

Ex Soldier of Midgar says:

Or just buy a real one, no need to do all these hardwork

mandeep SINGh says:

Crafting draw nice

Inder Jairwan says:

His hands are more stable then actual Dr. Stranger thats why he is capable to draw straight lines without help of any scale…..

Jason Buan says:

Well he draw straight lines using the edge of the pcb with his other fingers to scale it horizontally or vertically. 😁

Marty theMartian says:

Looked like you were getting 5ish volts, but how many watts?

TheXxXxX86 says:

It looks fake to me.

German Mizdraji says:

What value does Icc get?

sandeep pothkanoori says:

How to dry in 60°

Jä says:

try some photolithography methods, for mass production, photoelectrons need some room to move to the collector, select better materials

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