How to make Solar Mobile charger II very simple II

How to make Solar  Mobile charger II very simple II

Hi ,in this video I am going to show How to make Solar Mobile charger. This is a small project for emergency or camping.

The materials I used – 5 volt 1w solar panel and a power bank charging circuit.
For some problem I can not put link but you can get from online or local market.

                            Thank you for watching.


Rafe TV Gaming says:

looks fake y did you not show the botom (or is there a normal battory) and how can that fan run smoothly with no speed chane and haw can such small batory make so much power like 8V no way

Daniel says:

This works but we would need about a 100 of these to charge a phone

Ungarala Mohan says:

How much rupees for solar panel

Vasu Suthar says:

Smartphones charge honge kya isse???

Romana Merlene says:

very accurate plans for something like that I found on Avasva

Romana Merlene says:

Go to Avasva page if you want to learn how to build it yourself

Jayant Nandal says:

0:36 What is this?
Please reply ASAP

Seyed Kasim says:

Hy boys this working…..?????

vaishnavi and harit rai says:

Can we use a adapter as a the module

Shubhamay Sarkar says:

Khuhffffdgygtcffd to ggtffghgd hug f hi t 4th he go HD r 4th IDK kg Etty ygff

rama krishna says:

the solar pannel u have used is not sufficient to charge a mobile as it requires 5v and 1 amp and the pannel ampears may be 60 to 100 milli ampears,so it is not enough,charger indication will shows as charging but it is not enough to charge ,may be it takes to 2 days to charge 0 to 1%.

Vickie Flair says:

Third class…. no info no details n specs of the objects used and the circuit…

Arsen Jeresic says:

This not working. I made that charger, but panel is too week, the phone showing that charging, but battery percentage dropping with time.

Rock star says:

Ha tuuuuuuuuu gatiya chi

Adon Aby Thomas says:

Please search in filpkart solar panel

Llama Drama says:

Where is the solar panel link in description

Lewis W says:

where did you buy this solar panel from ?

Celal Boz says:

modern phone has a 5000ma battery this will put in 500ma at best per day so you need eternity for a charge.

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