How to make a Solar Pool Water Heater

How to make a Solar Pool Water Heater

Have you ever wondered about making a Solar Water Heater?

How much will it cost?
Is it hard to make?
How much heat will it provide?

I decided to make one to find out and create this video to provide them answers. Apart from the last one, where at the end of the video is all the info to calculate average power output, I’m sure you could work it out ;-).

Why not make one during Lockdown (Covid-19). I managed to order all the parts for this online and get them delivered within a week.

I would recommend a Pool Fountain pump for water circulation as it has a filter and is designed to run continuously. Also, why not try a 12v version and connect it to a solar panel, that way it’s low voltage and only pumps the water around when the sun comes out.

Please stay safe.

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D Yerramilli says:

Thanks for posting but it would be much more helpful if you explain how much the pool temperature was raised over what period of time, how big is your pool etc. Of course the water will be warmer coming out of the tubes than the pool. That's what everyone says and it's really not very helpful. Thanks

lepil00 says:

The silver reflector is useless. Try a black metal surface instead. Thank me later.

John Saltwell says:

Good Job mate, clever bastard 😂😂

Eric lamb says:

Nice vid. I have always wondered about the financial practicality of solar heating.

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