How to Make a Easy DIY Solar Pool Heater

How to Make a Easy DIY Solar Pool Heater

How to make a easy DIY Solar Pool Heater. This how to project is easy and takes less than one hour. All you need to get started is 4 two foot lengths of PVC, 4 90 degree pvc elbows, PVC glue, duct tape, 6 mil Black Plastic, 8 ft of foam pipe insulation and some wire ties. Check out our other DIY projects.
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Shantelle Adeline says:

You can find perfect idea for that on Avasva Solutions website.

Chris Parker says:

Sweet pool water…LOL

Sseruwagi Abdallah says:

thank you for the brilliant work but hygiene is very paramount for credibility and health reasons

Joseph DuPont says:

you could use an iron and aluminum foil to heat seal the bag material together. on cool you peel the aluminum foil hose.

Michael Crumpton says:

Im not sure why you made these so small. You could make them 4 times that size and they would be less work to make and just as easy to handle.

Mighty Mouse says:

What was this idiot thinking???? Hoola hoop + garbage bag = DONE.

ROTZ Media Group says:

Never mind the heaters. Clean your pool man! 😂

Paul Mikul says:

Between the sun and the chlorine, that foam insulation will deteriorate in less than six months and make a big mess getting clogged in pool screen, etc. Have you ever purchased those foam floating tubes that they sell at Walmart, etc.? They disintegrate in no time and they are made more to withstand the conditions than pipe insulation. Sorry, I am not one of those that goes around posting negative replies on Youtube. I am a plumber and also own a pool..

blade junkie says:

Why am I watching this I dont even have a pool

Andrew Stravitz says:

Your pool needs help, get the PH up to 7.6 then a shock treatment.

Matthew Ward says:

If you are going to do voice overs on your vids, please invest in a pop filter for your mic, the plosives are blowing my speakers lol…

Richard Fertal says:

The black plastic is not going to let sun saturate the water. It will only heat the top 1 or 2 inches, that's it.

Gregory Grochola says:

Guys, I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I've a got a thermodynamics background and this is a terrible idea, this will actually cool your pool. What you have to know is that your pool is ALREADY a solar absorber, science shows it absorbs up to 90% of the suns energy. By putting this black plastic over the top surface, what happens is that top surface will warm up and just bleed off the wast majority of that 90% sun energy into the atmosphere instead of it going deep down into your pool if it was uncovered. The hose with the water running through it does nothing to help as warm water simply floats on top and cools fast. Sorry guys…

Luis Maputo says:

My pool has about 15.000 liters and is 1 meter deep. How many of those would I need to heat the water 5 degrees celsius? Please help, I'm so dumb at math 😁 The sun shines on my pool for 2 hours per day.

Craig F says:

Thanks, good idea to throw garbage in the pool.

André Fierens says:

I made a small portable water heater, to extend Pool use.

First I used a black garden hose, a 12 Volt pump and a 12 Volt PhotoVoltaic panel.

I changed the black garden hose with a Solar bag 1-2-3.

And the 12 Volt PhotoVoltaic panel with a Portable Folding Panel.

All fits in a small suitcase, and is made easy and fast operationable,

The water is pumped into de Solar bag, and heated by the sun.

For pictures go to;

Les Lieb says:

Do these things really warm up your cesspool?

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