How To Choose Solar Panels | This Old House

How To Choose Solar Panels | This Old House

Richard meets a solar expert who tells you what type, location and amount of solar panels will provide all your power needs.

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How To Choose Solar Panels | This Old House



Ray Ray says:

No are you serious come on already are you pulling my leg

larry moore says:

I have a question, if a person has a smart meter with is digital will that goes backwards if you try to feed the main grid????

E K says:

This location requires hot spot free panels due to the trees on the south and the side building:

Johnny Luck says:

Rereleased an old video. Really? How about some new content.

Flint Layfield says:


Audio Doctor says:

Ok looser video and Looser design… Using Old school under performing string converter, everyone knows that Micro Inverter's are on average in Real life test. Produce up to 10% more power when considering Dusty panels , Leaf's on panels, Bird Droppings, Chimney Shadows, Shadows from other buildings on the roof. Light Snow excetera excetera. On big line inverters all you do is generate HEAT & Noisey AC into Your house. In California with Thousands of Solar Systems installed every day 94?% of them Wisely use the 5th generation of micro inverter's. Looser Video..

RetroSteve says:

Never a fan of cliffhanger endings.

jack torrence says:

1. Dont use Vivant or Sunrun.
2. Dont use a string inverter
3. Do use Enphase
4. Do look at Panasonic (HIT) / LG
5. The key is a good installation crew.

Jenny Kramm says:

How do they get installed start to finish?

Peter O'Brien says:

I wanna know how I can start with a few panels and expand it over time as I get money to afford expansion.

Ron Powell says:

You can get some good used ones for pennies on the dollar.

Number Space says:

A good rough estimate to figure out an approximation of how many 250 watt solar panels (common size) your house will need: Look at your power bill to see how many kwH (kilowatt hours) you consume in a month. Take that number and divide by 23. That assumes 3 hours of sunlight per day. For example, if your household consumes 500 kwH per month, then 500/23 = 22 panels. If you are lucky and live in the desert southwest, take that number and divide by 40. 500/40 = 13 panels. Hope that helps some of you.

Mota says:

Still didn't explain how to choose them

Joe Bloom says:

If you just listen to the audio, it’s Bob Odenkirk giving us the rundown on solar.

ncooty says:

1. The title is inaccurate.
2. The video doesn't provide much info.

Joseph Killeen says:

Soooo, how much will the system cost? Installation cost? How many years will it take me to recuperate that cost? Will I ever recuperate that cost? What is the projected life of the equipment? WTF This Old House?? EDUCATE ME!!!

Orange OwL says:

weak video offering from this old house. misleading title and most of the important information is not provided.

Motley Stew says:

I read the comments first..
..and then clicked thumbs down. I just myself 4 and a half minutes!

J B says:

Just where exactly did the choosing part come in?

silverSScamaro says:

these are not how to videos

F Maz says:

So "How do you choose a solar panel" ? Because this video didn't explained that at all. Nada.

FoxRcng708 says:

Sun is in the sky 8 hours a day? What planet does he live on?

squid boy says:

Did I miss the part where the video tells me how to choose a solar panel?

teaglet says:

It didn’t tell me how to choose solar panels. Darn

diyarizona says:

Price each panel? Inverter? Converter and price each battery? Nothing about

Francis says:

RGS Energy solar shingles

derek jones says:

This video gives no information on how to choose the right solar panel…

derek jones says:

Step 1. Read your power bill.
Step 2. Look at the sun.
Step 3. There is no step 3 you're blind now.

hotboiorlando says:


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