How To Build Solar Sustainable House ? | Atum Solar Products | V Next | V6 Telugu News

How To Build Solar Sustainable House ? | Atum Solar Products | V Next | V6 Telugu News

A breakthrough invention in the field of sustainable energy, Atum is an Integrated Solar Roofing System that serves all the functions of a traditional roof, whilst generating energy for you.
A solar industry in India, we manufacture integrated solar panels with a cement base. It reduces thermal conductivity better than a traditional roof while enhancing the appearance of your roof.Unlike other solar panels which need to be separately mounted upon a racking system and placed on the truss, Atum is both – the roof and the solar panel. It provides a sleek and simpler integrated solar roofing system that increases energy generation by 20%.

*Product Highlights
-Solar Board with a density of 1250kg/cum thus increasing lifespan
-Increased efficiency due to thermal conductivity of 0.072 W/mtK
-Thermal Insulation reduces the temperatures by 35-40%
-Customizable sizes for larger orders
-Partnerships with battery and inverter manufacturers to make the process faster and easier
-Can be used on the building faced to gain maximum surface area and increase efficiency
-Recover your investment in just 5 years

What makes ATUM different?
-When compared to GV sheets, ATUM generates no noise and minimises the effects of heat & rain.
-No need of an insulation mat under the roof
-No rust formation; product lasts for more than 25 years
-Fire resistant & Electric Shock Proof compared to Galvalume sheets which are dangerous and can cause shock & electrocution
-Non-Hazardous material when compared to Galvalume sheets which conduct radiations and may cause health hazards

Teenmaar News:
మూడు పార్టీల మున్సిపల్ రాజకీయం,మందు దుక్నం లూటీ చేసిన దొంగ

ముగ్గులు వేస్తే కార్పొరేట్ టికెట్

ఫోన్ లోకంల పద్మ

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Mediboyina Govindaraju says:

Great information sir we would like to instal Atum Solar product on our existing houses in Hyd, Vja, Rjy, KKD, Khammam sir, where we have to meet the concern person sir plz reply

Shivshakti Social Foundation says:

Please share price details.

Harish J says:

If we pump to the grid, at the time of emergency repair of grid by the electric board how they cut off all individual houses for safety.

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