How To Build A Solar Pool Heater – DIY!

How To Build A Solar Pool Heater – DIY!

Wanna know how to build a solar pool heater? DIY!
Scroll down for parts list.
Howdy guys and gals! With Winter rapidly approaching, the nights are getting colder & colder. Anything we could do to extend pool time by a few weeks seemed like a good idea to us.

So… We decided to build our own #solar #water #heater!

Parts List:
Pump –
Tubing –
Hose –
Hose Fittings –
Tubing Clips –
Paint –
Screws –
Extension Cord –
Drill –

A #DIY solar pool water heater is a super fun project and when you’re done, you get nearly free hot water to help keep the pool temp up, making it more enjoyable and extending the time you get to use it.

Wherever you live, a solar pool water heater will make your pool warmer and more enjoyable.
Remember, you can be as elaborate or simple as you want. We just want hot water dumping in our pool!! 🙂

We hope you enjoyed our video on how to build a solar pool heater. Please feel free to leave a comment below.
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Angeline Remington says:

That is just awesome!!!! Thank you for the hack!

Wes Venter says:

Couldn't watch this video, blow your nose brother, seriously.

Spike says:

wow…120 degree's not even a cover on coils yet. Most likely will be even hotter with a cover.

Spike says:

Looks like you have plenty of room for more coil.

Spike says:

Nice job, looks like a big pool, was it enough to do the job?

CRUZ Fmly says:

Dude… can you blow your nose and clear the mucus?!?!?!
Interesting vlog, but distracting with the mucus….
Yes, I am going to start building one in a week or so. Videos like your help us viewers a lot!
Keep them coming!!

Sheila blosveren says:

I can’t wait to get started!

Gustavo Chavez says:

Great video, so far is one of the most easy ways build a DIY water heater, thank you for sharing, just one question, how long does it take to rise the water temperature in the pool?
Again great video!!!

kyle dixon says:

I’m sure you’re heater will help , but wtf is the point in trying to act like it’s that great ?

kyle dixon says:

Hey bud ,
Have you ever turned the hose on and water is hot cuz it was laying in sun then 2 mins later it’s cold !!? Ya probably should have let it run for 5 mins before you went and tested it on YouTube??!!?

Todd Jones says:

Great video. Did you need an adapter for the small pump to fit your 5/8-inch garden hose?

Robb S. says:

I built a 400' solar heater for my pool, almost exactly the way in the video but in Az on a 78° day without the water flowing the hose melted and leaked everywhere, two different times. You must have the pump constantly running during the day but that's not 100% accurate because it can get to 115° plus here and when it gets that hot, the solar heater will not be running. So then what do I do? My next option is to remove the acrylic or drill holes in it to release excess heat.. Defeats the purpose kind of.

Tom Baesl says:

i have a 15,000 gal pool. how many of those panels will i need to heat the pool from 75 to 80 degrees. South side full sun.

Todd graham says:

Hello ! what plastic cover did you use? Where did you get it? Thank you!!

Dinh G says:

Great video! Our pool heater has been broken for two years and it is going to cost $4000 to replace the unit so we’ve been holding off. This is a great way to heat the pool without breaking the bank! The kids will be very happy if I can extend the pool season for an extra few weeks.
We just closed our pool so I’ll be doing this DIY project next year. Glad to hear that it only took you 3 hours…it’ll take me longer I am sure.

randy lange says:

A great vid on how to heat a pool by a home owner using the sun in a black box and creating thermodynamics!!!!!

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