HMCity Solar Lights Outdoor 120 LED with Lights Reflector, Solar Motion Sensor Security Lights

HMCity Solar Lights Outdoor 120 LED with Lights Reflector, Solar Motion Sensor Security Lights

The idea of a solar recharging motion sensor yard light was most appealing! And I figured the Arizona sun would provide more than enough light power to charge these guys, even in partial shade. Sadly, I was wrong. Unless the solar panels are facing direct sunlight for 8 hours, the battery will not charge.

My fault, because the seller is quite clear about this in their literature.

My first impression was; “Wow, these things are small.” These lights measure 3 ½ inches (abt 9cm) by 5 ½ inches (abt 13½cm) and less than 2 inches (abt 5 cm) high when laid flat on the table. They are surprisingly small.

I gave them a try by charging them for a day and then switching them on and WOW, are these little guys bright. I mean really bright for their size. I didn’t measure the brightness or distance but they lit up tall pecan trees from ground level.

Oh boy, these are very sensitive to movement. The slightest movement of a small leaf by the breeze is enough to trigger the sensor. They turn on and off very often which is why I think the battery must be fully charged each day.

In the end, I will keep and use them but would not buy them again. If I could adjust the sensitivity of the motion sensor AND the duration of the time on (30 seconds is too short to me), I would be happier with these small yet powerful lights.

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Desert Cat says:

Oro Valley viewer here! Hey thanks for posting this. I will look elsewhere for a better light👍

James Mason says:

Great review. 👍🏼What wrong with some people… 👎🏼

Seriously Malfunctioned says:

How do set the mode setting, no instructions in the manual

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