Highest Value Solar Panels in 2020. [List Revealed]

Highest Value Solar Panels in 2020. [List Revealed]

In this video we are going to cover the panels that will give you the highest value solar panels in 2020. The panels in the list are the ones that will make you the most money over their operating life. You can also look at the panels with the lowest price per watt. However degradation and low thermal coefficients are factors that hold higher value.



Prof.Heinous says:

"… if you learnt something from this video…" Nobody does it better – thanks for all your hard work on this! Been going through this for an hour or so, for me (hot climate) it looks like Jinko or Hanwa. Cheers!

zodiacfml says:

"degradation and low thermal coefficients are factors that hold higher value" you got to be kidding me. huge solar projects are replacing/upgrading their panels in just 5-10 years because of improved performance/power provided. same goes for residential use where it will make sense to add/replace panels in 12-15 years due to better panels.

GAK Aravind says:

Why tesla is not on list!

Paul Arscott says:

Can you share your spreadsheet?

James Kennedy says:

Nice video Mate. Question ( which one of these Solar Panels would you Buy if you were on a very tight Budget?

abdulahad gujjar says:

بھائی خاص طور پر جو سولر متعلق ویڈیو ہے اس کا اردو میں ترجمہ کر دیا کریں میں آپ کا شاگرد ہوں عبدالاحد سولر کی آپ کی ویڈیو دیکھ کے میں سمجھی تھوڑا بہت جو ہے نہ کام کرنا سیکھ گیا ہوں

I Rr i says:

So absorbing.

abdulahad gujjar says:

بھائی پلیز اردو میں بھی کوئی ویڈیو بنایا کریں اور اس کا ترجمہ کر دیا کریں میں کراچی سے عبدالاحد

Don Kruse says:

If possible i believe it would be beneficial to a few of your viewers if panel weight was included in your reviews,… other than that you’re doing a great job, keep it up 👍

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