Heavy Duty Solar USB Charger

Heavy Duty Solar USB Charger

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Blue Patch1413 says:

Very nice thanks

Melissa Barnes says:

Can I just use a piece of plastic to prop the 5watt solar panel?

عبدالله عبدالله says:

ممتاز nice👌

Broadsidejohn says:

I get that men love to tinker and build stuff, to make them personal and one of a kind. I do this much to the chagrin of my girlfriend.
But you can get a decent 10 watt folding panel with controller and connector in a nice case for under $30. This seems like past the point of dimishing returns, if there were any.
But as an educational video for newbies on solar charging on a small scale, it serves a purpose for sure.

J R says:

How long does it take you to charge an average phone battery?

electronic lovers says:

please please send me the link for the second solar panel (larger one ) please


need more work use dc to dc power up volt up from 4v to 48v then use board to low voltage to 5v and power up amps

Shantel Bollmann says:

I'm suHi. If you want to build it yourself just google for 'inplix' . I know you'll find good solutions for your idea.

Carmelina Katzman says:

You should go to Inplix if you'd like to make it yourself guys.

Samuel Pedrigosa says:

hello master can asked something about what is the instrument to test or to measure parrameter of the solar power bank????????

Randysandy Ten says:

u did not show how to make it

Bill Epley says:

great idea it was so so good my son used it for his sicence

Enrique Salgado Aceves says:

ok, so ive searched and saw, and you have all kinds of projects worthy of making ben franklin nostálgic of his experimental days, but everyone is trying to get juice snd be independant from the grid, imo i feel that solar cell chargers hace reached uts overkill experimental límit , like i said imo , i currently am trying to get leds, lamps, bulbs to.light up for the longest amount of time with the smallest amount of juice posible yet, and obviously the most lumens, theres fewer experimenters trying forma this, than USB, bit i hace made a break through, i bought some garden lights, and each gives out 2.5v, so i got lucky being that they come with thier own rechagable bateríes, nos theres no breakthrough here, yet what i did was buy a led sptlight lamp that seems its rated for about 3.6/4.5v por 3 Aaa batteries today i hooked up the cells up in series getting 7.5 volts, after putting the dio de on , it droped to 5v , the batteries were fully charged by sundown they are rated 1.2v bit were 1.35 at the end of the day, i hace connected a resistor to the positive circuit con the lamp, and im gonna test it tonight, i wil say that after putting the resistor i tried it with other batteries and it didnt work so well being that they arent fully chargred, but i.put un the ones i charged today and it did better, very bright evento though the resistir is pretty high. with this being said, isnt necersary to buy alot of things to get decente lighting. .

Geof Santiago says:

thank you for sharing this and the video on how you made it.. I really want to make one of this.. this is a good project..

Divina Domingez says:

I need this.. great videos and thanks for showing this solar charger..

Orvis25 says:

Do you happen to have a design i can fit in a mini toolbox to just charge multiple stacks of batteries? I have a box of solar cells ranging for 1v – 3.5v I have acquired over the years along with a bucket of rechargeable batteries, and want to jsut make one MASSIVE (compared to an Altoids tin) mini toolbox size solar power bank. Cheers!

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