Heat Your Pool Quickly? Exposing 5-minute Craft.

Heat Your Pool Quickly? Exposing 5-minute Craft.

Heat Your Pool Quickly? This is a video response to 5-minute Crafts video where they make the claim that you can heat your pool quickly. you can find their video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=82FjucNezq8&t=65s

heres the link on how to heat your pool for dummies https://www.dummies.com/home-garden/green-living/energy-sources/how-to-warm-your-pool-with-a-solar-cover/



Ann Lippert says:

im curious. you show us how to make them at the end of the video. But the point of your video is to show THEY DO NOT WORK? soooo WHY show how to make something you have tested as false. i'm just askin'?

dzikusdzikusdzikus says:

I think, that covering whole pool by some black plastic foil could give some positive and measurable results. How about that?

Marco Deluca says:

Ur pool is 79 that great mine usually 72 but I go in when it’s 64-65

lorie371 says:

I’ve tried this…did not work

Rene Reyes says:

Love the soundtrack of Metallica plus the shirt!!

Sammy Vantomme says:

Woulnt they have better results when then are attached at the bottem of the pool??? This way the heat goes trough the water first.

Kevin Erhart Jr. says:

Its just for entertainment dont believe everything u see!!!

Life says:

Hi Guys and Gals. The best and easiest solution is a solar blanket. If you get 3 sunny days your temperature of the pool will increase its temp by at least 10 degrees. I use them for the past 3 years and my pool is ready in late April early May. Good luck

allie Smhee says:

Mine worked. Took a week or so but I was able to enjoy the pool a little longer last summer.

Lupus Alpha says:

Doesn’t work. Neither does the run it through the black hose crap either.

Feather L Holt Payne says:

I did this last year and it worked great. I just used black leaf bags and noodles. I did it again this year.

Carol Mason says:

Thank you for going through all of the aggravation. I only have two comments. First, I noticed you have a lot of shade, that might be one reason your pool never heats up pass 80.
I am making these hula rings for this year. Maybe they will or wont make a big difference in temperature but I'm doing it because i hart the big solar blanket.
We'll see if it's a good idea for me.
Thank you again

bobnardo26 says:

I almost tried to make these. Glad I saw your video first! I guess I'll have to stick to lugging around the large solar cover.

Jay19 says:

5 little lilly pads in a pool that size for only 2-1/2 hours? I'm not surprised it didn't do anything. But I bet if you made 20 of them and waited 3 sunny days in a row you would notice an increase compared to not having them. It's an alright solution during the weekdays, but on weekends you should heat the pool with a bonfire heater.

catstash100 says:


ilker ayverdi says:

What is the song dude?

Lithrone1 says:

Awesome video!!! I love the metal interludes. Our pool is cold all summer. I will have to come up with something innovative to try. Thank you for the vid!!!

H3 productions President poppa bless says:

Y’all are cute. Thanks for the vid

Aaron K says:

But my pool is 40 degrees

Chris Lynch says:

Expensive is always true

A kid has gone Yes says:

I cried when I realized the truth

Ashley Lenox says:

Yes it does not work 🙄

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