Heat Pumps vs Gas vs Solar: Which Pool Heater is Best?

Heat Pumps vs Gas vs Solar: Which Pool Heater is Best?

In this video, industry experts compare the pros and cons of heat pumps, gas heaters, and solar heating systems for inground pools.



Florida Solar Design Group says:

Awesome green screen. ūüėČ
Way off on the solar information. Especially the price.
Each heater technology has it’s place. In this place (Southwest Florida), solar is hugely popular for a good reason. The choice requires a good analysis of how people use their pools, when, and where they are. The decision of what technology to use is complicated and a qualified LOCAL consultant is who you should seek out.

tessamersus says:

I really want to heat my home pool. I wish I had done that when we put in the pool in our backyard a few summers ago, to begin with. But no, says the hubby. So its a cold water pool, which is great in the summer where I  live in Tucson, Arizona, though the summer months make the pool water almost too warm. But in winter the pool is super cold and once in a while it snows up in the hills surrounding the city where my home is. Kind of high class problems, I know, right? Not that I'm anywhere even in the range of _"high class"_! LOL!

I love living outside the city, though the city is starting to creep up into our area as more and more northern people move here to get out of the cold.  We live not too far west from the Santa Cruz River, so when we swim at night with the pool light on we get visited by bats Рyes, little squeaky black bats! While we sit in the pool, they'll dip down and snag the bugs off the water from having the light on. So cool!! We have a few acres, so our neighbors aren't up our asses or sharing a fence with us or anything. Most of the neighbors have horses also, since the entire area is classified as horse property and we see a lot of wildlife Рwild pigs (javelinas), coyotes, snakes, rabbits, a few feral dogs, etc. One thing I will tell you Рin Tucson, the summer sunset colors of purple, gold, pink will blow your mind! Love watching the wildlife!

Loren Hooper says:

Why is the background music so loud ?

Rick Tobin says:

Crack head.

Stephen Doherty says:

We can presume in 2019 that the cost of solar heaters will have fallen in cost by maybe 50%. Note solar water heaters are not the same as solar PV panels. One panel heats water and the other is generating electricity and then using that to heat water. Also why worry about what it looks like if its "free". Pool covers to retain the heat would be obvious. If you can access natural gas then I presume the gas cost has also fallen. Heat pumps have also increased in efficiency, fallen in cost

Aqua Supercenter says:

Great Info on choosing a pool Heading method!

This topic is a very hard topic on YouTube or online in general due to the fact that so much goes in to choosing a heater based on contexts (location, gas costs & electric costs in area, hurricane State (solar panels on roof are easily lifted off by high winds and usually take a part of roof with it), needs of home owner (does homeowner want to come home and decide to swim in Winter and expect pool or spa to be swimming temp within a couple hours? If so then we you said, gas heater all the way!)…. I'm personally not a fan of solar but, I'm in business to serve customers needs first, I often tell customers looking into solar that it will extend your pool season about 1 months before and 1 month after normal pool seasons..

Solar Blankets = A must have for any pool with a heater. There are 3 main choices of solar blankets:

1) Standard Solar blankets – they are most effective, cost ~$150 and last 2-5 years. Cons are that are heavy and a pain to take on and off a pool (remember that after a few months they weigh probably double vs when they were new and 100% dry)

2) Solar Sun Rings = great option for those who don't want to deal with a solar blankets. Great for people who use their pool often when heated. (Tip: if you live in a windy area, buy the weighted/anchored sun rings…. Otherwise you'll come home to 1/2 the sun rings blowing around your neighborhood.)

3) Liquid Solar Blanket = By far the easiest and most inexpensive method. Liquid solar blankets have been around for 15+ years and in my experience work well. It's safe, so no worries there. The one down size is it's not as effective as the other methods. Liquid Solar Blanket solution is about 60% as effective as a normal solar blanket and 85% as effective as solar sun rings. The other downside is that you must add the liquid solution on a bi-weekly basis or more often if you swim often. It's easy to use, just pour directly in the pool. The liquid solution is sold many ways, I suggest a gallon – it will last a full year and that's considering you swimming a good amount in Winter, which I do).

Thanks for the great video! Very good info, it's nice to see quality info online (which is unfortunately rare in pool industry). Keep up the good work! I'd love to hear your feedback and experience in Solar blankets and the other options I suggested above.

Arthur Vin says:

I had to apply for equal monthly pay full year around from my gas company here in Phoenix, AZ. So I am going to pay for my bad winter habits during summer as well. I'm a night person, and yesterday I enjoyed my 20k gallon pool from 2am till 6am in 86F degree water while it was 28F – below freezing temperature! My cocktail glass was covered in ice, and my pool felt like a hot tub. My Nov bill was $500, after Equal Pay, I'm gonna pay ~$150 a month 12 months a year.

Darko ҆tefanńćińá says:

What is the amount off water that he is talking about??

The my pillow guy says:

I sell propane and propane accessories I tell you wut!

Roland Mösl says:

Photovoltaic and heat pump is far superior to thermal solar.

Nannette Battista says:

The best thing I've found on the net was plans from Avasva .

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