Haylou Solar LS05 Smart Watch – Full review [Xiaomify]

Haylou Solar LS05 Smart Watch – Full review [Xiaomify]

The Haylou solar smartwatch came out in the Xiaomi Youpin store in China not that long ago and is now available in a global model. Find the Haylou solar on AliExpress: https://bit.ly/XMF_AE_HSW
Gearbest: https://bit.ly/XMF_GB_HSW
BangGood: https://bit.ly/XMF_BG_HSW

The Solar is a smartwatch with the most typical functionality. It comes with a 240 x 240 px TFT touch display. This is not the best screen or highest resolution but it gets the job done and overall it looks nice. It’s got a 320 mAh battery that gives you up to 30 days of battery, and 15 days when setting it to full-time heart rate monitoring.

It’s got an accelerometer for step counting and fitness tracking, a heart rate monitor, and connects over Bluetooth 5.0. It charges in around 2 hours with the included USB charger that attaches quite easily with a pretty strong magnet.

The solar connects with your phone or tablet using the “Haylou Fit APP”. This app allows you to install firmware updates, sync heart rate, fitness, and step counting data and selecting which APPS you want to push notifications to the watch so you can receive them on your wrist.

The Haylou solar really is a more budget smartwatch but it does have most of the features you will find on many of the more expensive models. Sure; it does not have GPS, it does not have an AMOLED display, it does not have that many watch faces. But the price justifies the lack of some of these features.

It’s a basic smartwatch with all the common APPS and features that you’d find on many other smartwatches and comes at a very decent price point.

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Marcin Młotkowski says:

whether there is a vibration smartwatch alarm clock?? 🙂

Larice Bautista says:

Can you put sim card or sd card on it? And also, can you connect it to airpods?

Hetcher92 says:

If the watch is connected to my phone, can i still connecte my headphones 🎧 using bluetooth, or if the watch is connected i can't connect my headphones

stirla sould says:

Hi, Can it record voice?
Thank You!

i am groot says:

I was waiting for the solar charging..unfortunately its too good to be true hahaha

mnnazmi says:

can sync with strava?

Jojanneke Schuurman says:

How about blood pressure?

Am King says:

This smartwatch unbelievable 3 months battery life is good news

Nowa Nowa Macao says:

how to change language mine is in chinese

Young B Golden says:

Should I buy this?

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