Harbor Freight Solar Products

Harbor Freight Solar Products

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A review of a few solar products that are great for filling the need for power in the survival and disaster preparedness field. THUNDERBOLT MAGNUM SOLAR



Troy Taylor says:

Amps X Volts = watts I think the manufactures math is wrong. The only way to know for sure is to put a resistor load with a amp meter in series and measure the voltage in parallel.

Peter Northrup says:

Ive got the 4 panel. I love it. $140.00. No matter what every 3 years i change out the batterys in my cars. In the south its important. Save the old ones. They are great for the pannels. I bought a 2000 watt inverter. Its great when the lights go out. Charge during the day lights at night. They work.

Easter Stedman says:

work goes much faster with Avasva plans.

eStephaniaMarie says:

Thanks so much… are you available for troubleshooting.. Harbor Freight Tools can't help thus far.. i be wondering how to connect devices to the lead wires on the Charge Regulator …

Addie Hinz says:

This you tuber has no idea how solar works. No idea between amps and load.

Jim Brown says:

The quoted 400mA current must be the 24V current by the way, which would be about 10W. The stated 13W would be about 1 amp, not 1/2amp, at 12V. On the other hand, if it is 400mA at 12V then its only 5W not 13W.

DeepForest says:

A solar charger? I suppose you mean a solar panel?

Just V Garcia says:

Great video!

Angler Beaudry says:

I have a Anker 15w solar panel "lite". Would it be feasible to use it to keep a larger/trolling motor deep cycle battery charged or help maintain a charge?

Nathan Dean says:

hey have you though about thermal electric generators.

SuperDeut4 says:

Can the small 1watt solar pack charge an iphone?

eazy toyz says:

what is the item # for the solar power pack -recharge on go

Gary Anderson says:

You're nuts.  Harbor Freight solar products are generally crap.

Eastern Rail Videos says:

Great Video!!!! Please check out my channel and don't forget to subscribe. Thanks

Robert Bristol says:

Bad acoustics video. Made understanding everything said hard. Sounded like was in an echo chamber. Not good. Very sporatic presentation. Bouncing back and forth from one point to the next, one product to the next. Didn't really show how to use or setup to components. I didn't find this to be a very good instructional video at all. No step by step connect this this way use that that way instruction which is what the unfamiliar layman needs to feel comfortable using something like this for the first time. Connect the battery and then the end use components. Connect each cable and to outside end use components. And stick with one product to the finish. You can always make another video about the other solar products you just happen to have lying around or do a quick show and tell at the end. Lost interest and aggravated about one minute into it.

Tom Zaytsev says:

Harbor freight, been their many times most interesting place 90% of their products are not worth the cardboard box it was shipped in the other 10% I have found useful. my question is why would you want depend on critical equipment for survival from a cheap Chinese knock off store when one should be obtaining high quality gear from reliable suppliers. would you go skydiving with parachute made in the USA or one from harbor freight ? (if they sold them) hell no! of course you wouldn't we are talking survival gear here, gear that could mean the difference between life and death and yes even modern equipment such as a cell phone. I get the hey I saved a lot on my car insurance in 15 minutes thing but what did you really save in that 15 minutes? bottom line you get what you pay for. You are on the right track as far as alternative energy sources why not find truly rugged top of the line gear that won't let one down when it is needed most. btw I bought that POS fold up panel , lasted about 4 month's.

yellownp22541 says:

Thank you! great video.

T -DUB says:

What surprised me is that he has been using these products over 10 years! And still looks new

Baum bett says:

Oh hello! Have you tried – Maxim Earth 4 Energy (should be on google have a look)? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my friend got excellent returns with it.

Joe Schmoe says:

Hi nice review ! I am looking for a solar charger that would be able to charge up my CR123 18650 batteries. I have flashlights and other items that use those for power but I am at a loss for a full SHTF option. I have a UltraFire WF-139 Li-ion battery charger with the Cigarette Lighter connection on it so I know it can be used that way. Great if I am in an Urban environment  with alot of abandoned vehicles. If I am in a rural area I would like to have another option which in my mind says Solar. Any suggestions would be Greatly Appreciated.

JimDuncan9 says:

Good job….. some great ideas there.  Definitely some good items for planning ahead.

SecureOpsMatrix says:

Good video and I'll look into the briefcase panels, but I didn't have the best luck with the smaller portable charger. The assorted connections worked intermittently and I left it in my dash to charge, only to come back and find that the unit warped due to the heat.  

FourDollaRacing says:

Hi, would you recommend the solar briefcase for occasionally charging a deep-cycle RV/marine battery? I'm a huge fan of Harbor Freight and dig your review….

c4pilot29902 says:

Question: do they make mini wind mill generators that can mount on roof of vehicle and do the same as that little solar powered battery charger for cell phones and such? Thanks!

c4pilot29902 says:

They make those for bikes too. It too charges a battery while you're riding along, then if needed you take out the charged battery that has USB connections and plug your laptop or cell into it. Pretty cool stuff!

Clint Young says:

Thx for posting this, I've been wanting to buy something like that…

metaspherz says:

Sorry, but this is the REAL world NOT some Hollywood movie. Even dope heads & jocks have math smarts (some form their own companies) NOT just smart asses who think they're the only ones that paid attention in class or the only ones with survival skills. Besides, those same dope heads & jocks are sneaky, are more comfortable around weapons than the typical math nerd & have greater people skills, so they'll be very adept at forming pacts & armies to take over whatever you make, hunt, or grow.

NewSurvivalSkills says:

Yes it has a Built-in lithium-ion storage battery and a microprocessor control that protects your electronics. Here you are telling people that this product does not work when you have not used one….we have them, use them and they work!

NewSurvivalSkills says:

It is, and we do it all the time….not only does it charge our cell phones but our MP players as well!

NewSurvivalSkills says:

Shows how much you don't know about these products because we use them to charge our cell phones all the time and it takes a little more than an hour!

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