Harbor Freight 100W Solar Kit. Full Review – Day 1

Harbor Freight 100W Solar Kit.  Full Review – Day 1

Day 1. Sharing my first day using the 100W Harbor Freight Solar Panel Kit. This is the new July, 2017 version of the Harbor Freight Solar Panel Kit. The kit now offers 4- 25W panels and a modernized solar controller. Harbor Freight Part no. 63585

Day 2 link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BNQXp3X5n2w



mega0876 says:

Garbage. Get a REAL system

kenneth kandahar says:

So this only powers the light

Brian Unruh says:

Very nice video, thanks for taking the time and the info.

J R says:

Very thorough explanation. Thank you..God bless.

Control Man says:

Solar panel output voltage is load regulated. Unplug the panels and measure the voltage directly off the panels. Youll see closer to 20vdc….

Shantelle Adeline says:

I did it with Avasva plans.

David Outdoors says:

Harbor freight has a nice solar starter like yours. I have two of the older systems from harbor

Scott C says:

Just bought 2 of these kits. One at the lot sale for $130 and picked up a returned one (never used) for $75. Got 4 of the batteries and wired them up. System works great. They now have a "hub" where you can put 4 of these kits together. Nice budget system. Also got an inverter.

Irish Wayz says:

The voltage "discrepancy" is also referred to as "voltage drop" Your losing that voltage in the connectors and wire that connect the 2. Its normal.

Greg p says:

I just bought a kit that is 100 watts, weighs 4 lbs Dokio. $124 makes this stuff obsolete.

Chuck Hodges says:

I use these same panels for my solar generator off grid

Dungeon Master says:

Can you charge the battery while still using the power or should you unhook it from the solar grid first? PS enjoyed the video!

Tina Gallagher says:

Can't wait for a super coupon for this kit. It comes around a few times a year.

Brown Lady says:

Do know will it charge the goal 1000

Patrick. says:

Nice review. Was looking to replace mine. Wanted to see it first. Had 45w kit for 8 years. Definitely got more than my money's worth out of it. Powered a lot of things. Charge controller always read way lower than my meter. Never trusted it. Got a charge regulator that I did trust. Even when panels started putting out 26v, regulator cut it to 13.8. Looking forward to another 8-10 years of free power in the shed for $150.

Richard Johnsen says:

Is the 35 amp battery included?

smokesurpent says:

Voltage is lower when read at the charge controller coz of voltage drop.

Dean Strait says:

My take is that the discrepancy in your voltage readings could probably be due to the cheap clamp connectors. Better clamps could equal better voltage transfer.

Lou Prentz says:

fantastic video. I have been thinking about buying for a while. Very informative

Lan jacquez says:

Wtf where's the sun

Levine Levine says:

@8:43, “….probably I need to read the manual.” Water is wet. Air is a gas. And gravity sucks like this video.

Levine Levine says:

@8:19, maybe you should ‘practice through the menu” prior to making this instructive video. Otherwise, you give a poor account of yourself.


drop in voltage is from the length of wire to the battery.

Robert G says:

Why aren't you people REHEARSING your presentation before doing a video!? Jeesh!

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