HaloXT Solar Flashlight Unboxing

HaloXT Solar Flashlight Unboxing

This video has everything you need to know about the HaloXT Multi-Use Flashlight! We are unboxing our HaloXT Flashlight straight from the warehouse.

————————————-Items Featured in this Episode————————————-
HaloXT Solar Flashlight: https://4pats.live/Newflashlight

This flashlight comes nestled in foam in a magnetic-closure box and includes a cord for charging the flashlight via USB.

— 2000mAh lithium ion battery features Instant-on technology for easy plug-and-play power
— Quick Charge USB port with intelligent charging lets you top off power for your smartphone, tablet, or other device without overcharging or discharging
— Solar rechargeable
— Charges in 4 hours from any USB port (about 50 hrs solar)
— LED front flashlight – 3 watt CREE bulb – 200 lumens
— 2 mode Red Flashing light
— White work light, high and low settings
— High-quality steel blade for cutting jammed seat belt
— Powerful magnet attached to the metallic surface for hands-free usage
— Window breaker: High-quality steel hammer for window breaking
— Outdoor compass
— Adjustable wrist strap
— Accidental button press prevention wrap

Just one button. Toggle between flashlight, work light and red light modes by holding the button for 1.5 seconds. A quick press of the button while in each mode toggles between bright/low/blinking/off.



Tinkle says:

Nothing will stop me from buying these on eBay for ten dollars instead and modding the solar panels

Mustafa Mert ERASLAN says:

hey bro you can examine it https://amzn.to/31m3u3u

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