HaloXT Solar Charging Flashlight Demo

HaloXT Solar Charging Flashlight Demo

This video has everything you need to know about the HaloXT Multi-Use Flashlight! We are unboxing our HaloXT Flashlight and demonstrating the multiply functions of this solar gadget.

————————————-Items Featured in this Episode————————————-
HaloXT Solar Flashlight: https://4pats.live/Newflashlight

This flashlight comes nestled in foam in a magnetic-closure box and includes a cord for charging the flashlight via USB.

— 2000mAh lithium ion battery features Instant-on technology for easy plug-and-play power
— Quick Charge USB port with intelligent charging lets you top off power for your smartphone, tablet, or other device without overcharging or discharging
— Solar rechargeable
— Charges in 4 hours from any USB port (about 50 hrs solar)
— LED front flashlight – 3 watt CREE bulb – 200 lumens
— 2 mode Red Flashing light
— White work light, high and low settings
— High-quality steel blade for cutting jammed seat belt
— Powerful magnet attached to the metallic surface for hands-free usage
— Window breaker: High-quality steel hammer for window breaking
— Outdoor compass
— Adjustable wrist strap
— Accidental button press prevention wrap

Just one button. Toggle between flashlight, work light and red light modes by holding the button for 1.5 seconds. A quick press of the button while in each mode toggles between bright/low/blinking/off.



Alejandro Garcia says:

to charge, can I use the smaller hole and how many hours of charge can I give it?


I love this flashlight I have two of them and plan to buy a half dozen more thank you 4 Patriots

Nancy Tokarz says:

Mine will not charge

Victor says:

You are Gorgeous 😍

Sandy Poling says:

Do not understand how to charge it. What does the cord plug into?

William Edwards says:

This is the World champion of flash 📸 lights. The best bang for your buck 👏 🙌. Bill Edwards Lauderdale Lakes, Florida. 7/21/2020

Linda Burks says:

You never tell a person what they are supposed to do after 4-5 hours of Charging???

Is a person supposed to take it off the outlet?

What button are you suppose to push when the lights Stop Blinking.

You never tell a person how they are to Charge the Flashlight????
Now what you never tell a person what to do to charge the flashlight?????

So tell me what am I to do???????

Lily of the Valley777 says:

I bought 4, two were Christmas gifts for my son and his girlfriend's car, and the other 2 for my husband and I, to keep in our vehicles. Great multi use flashlight.
My son said he likes the fact that he can charge his phone on it. So do I. 😊

Jym Idiot says:

Does it have the aluminum metal frame I was told by the 4 Patriot that it has! It appeared to be plastic in your video!

lois koprowicz says:

Mine is in a blk bxs small and no buttons
Other turn it on got a lite
Bottom dosnt come off like demo

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