GAME solar water heaters and solar powered pump

GAME solar water heaters and solar powered pump

Short video of how I hooked up the GAME solar water heaters to a solar powered water pump. With this flow rate the water coming out is 4 to 5 degrees warmer than the water going in.

It was early June and the outside temps were probably 85 and the pool does seem to be 2 or 3 degrees warmer than this time last year (they have been hooked up for over a month now). If you decrease the flow rate the water will get actually very warm but as far as thermal transfer to the pool you probably wouldn’t gain anything.

These things get bad reviews on Amazon and I understand why. If you used a hi flow high pressure pump as suggested in the instructions I doubt there would be any heat transfer at all. But with this little solar water pump the pressure and flow are pretty low and I think its allowing them to work as advertized.

If you were to use a similar setup at a cabin to heat up maybe 40 gallons (continuous circulation) for hot water I have no doubt it would work great.



2uneak says:

DO NOT BUY ONE OF THESE! The parts are obsolete within 3 years of product creation. Such a scam! Need to throw away $150 item because cannot find the $30 part. So bogus!

Shannan Schisler says:

My works too. Used Avasva handbooks and build it with no problems.

M B says:

Any chance you could share a link to the solar panel you used? thanks

Smokeydabee Charles Coleman says:

what kind of solar pump was it, and would you recommend buying one.

Ernesto Alamo says:

I have to run the bypass because the water gets too warm. I'm using 2

mike mims says:

Update, this weekend we had temps in the mid to high 90s and the water exiting the heater was over 10 degrees warmer. Its actually working very well in my opinion.

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