GAME solar panel attached to Coleman above ground pool

GAME solar panel attached to Coleman above ground pool

This is the GAME 4721 curve solar heater attached to my Coleman steel frame pool. Any questions? Let me know in the comments.



Mr. Mark says:

I just bought one of these 2nd hand..going to make a portable shower for my van. Will use PV and maybe an electric dc pump to assist…anyone have any ideas??

ian mackay says:

Ok im assuming you have been disappointed with this product. in my opinion two reasons will be causing 0 temperature increase. No 1 you just don't have enough solar panel surface area (the panel is way to small).
No2 your using an electric pump which will result in Water being pumped out the panel before it has warmed at all.
Solutions no1 get more panels or black hosepipe
Solution to point no2 throw the pump away and use natural convection to pump the water. This will be slower and alow the panels to work. You will find surprisingly good results with convection and its free.

bud wilson says:

What is the water temp coming from heater

I H says:

If you're not renting. How about an inground pool?


How warm does your pool get?

Marnie Cesarini says:

Thank you for posting this. This is the best video on installing a heating system for an above-ground pool (and there aren't very many). Very informative and helpful, and answered all of our questions.

Mark Jenkins says:

You've gotten fantastic info these.

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