Gadget Reviews | Chitchat

Gadget Reviews | Chitchat

Thought I would do something different then a purse videos so I threw in some gadgets today that I recently purchased I hope you enjoy the video links are below.
I felt a little melancholy today so I thought I would insert some old pics of me wow has time gone bye …Memories .
Hope you all have a great and safe weekend.
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Xoxo Kate

DOUHE Air Cooler,Portable Mini Air Conditioner Evaporative Air Humidifier Personal Space Cooler USB Desk Fan – Home Kitchen Office Nightstand, for Personal Use

Portable Fan Solar Mini Fan LED Table Lamp 3 in 1 Multi-Function Eye-Care Flashlight Light for Home Camping Solar Cooling Fans (Blue)

Solar Charger 20000mAh Soluser Wireless Portable Power Bank High Capacity External Battery Backup with 3 Solar Panels Emergency LED Flashlight Dual 5V/2.1A USB Ports for Smartphones

Portable Charger Anker PowerCore…

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charlie brown says:

I love this video!  What great, useful gadgets.  Thank you again for the preparedness ideas…so valuable!

myPursesuitOfHappiness says:

Hi Kate, I loved learning about all of these cool gadgets! I think I’m going to get that solar charger. That’s a really handy thing to have. I look forward to your upcoming videos! Loved your outro too. TFS and have a great weekend. Xoxo

Bag Hound says:

Hi Kate..Great Video! That battery pack is a must have. I hope your A/C is up and running soon. Thank you for sharing 💕

JoanyS says:

Great vid Kate! Love the charger, and I have a few ideas for future videos; pens n’ paper collections, journals, your favorite things, hobbies, cooking your favorite meals, and who has inspired you in your life?

Deb Storybags says:

Those look like great gadgets to have on hand. The solars ones are so cool! I hope you get your upstairs AC fixed soon.

Luke Nash says:

The solar pack I got was by errbbic. That’s funny we got ours at the same time. I’ve been thinking about preparing extra food and prepping just like you do. You have great ideas. Love all your gadgets. I’m a big gadget fan too. I have a lot of cell phones and Ipads with 4g on them. You never know when you’ll need them. I have a lot of fans that I got from Qvc. I have the dysons. They are pricey but I use them all year round and they safer than the grill kind. Have a great weekend xoxoxo

Luke Nash says:

My son would go crazy without the WiFi and electricity. It’s hard to explain to him no iPad or tv when the electricity is down due to his severe autism. I got a solar power batter pack from amazon. You clip it to your backpack and the sun charges it. I thought of you when I got it. You should get one. They are small and clip nicely on purses.

Albena C says:

Hi Kate, love your gadgets ❤️ especially the solar charger. That is essential for me. The solar fan is also nice but the solar cooler would not be as useful for me in South Florida. We already have a lot of humidity. The fan would be better. We have central air conditioning which is going most of the year, and it is dreadful to be without power. You are a delight to watch and get such a kick out of your cute facial expressions.Take care and TFS 💕

Suz What says:

Great gadgets. I will need to check these out. You were beautiful then and gorgeous now. Thanks for sharing! Peace and love…Suz What 🌻🌼🌻🌼

Allthings Styledby Pam says:

Hi Kate!!! I have two air conditioner’s too one upstairs and one downstairs but if one stop works it won’t work lololol!!! I definitely need to get a battery pack!!! A solar fan that’s my first time seeing this!!! I agree having something is better than not having anything at all Lolol!!! You make a lot of sense especially with having chargers!!! The solar charger has s flash light too that is so cool!!! I loved your gadgets Kate!!! I loved your video!!! Xoxo Pam 💖💖💖💖

Deborah K says:

Wow, Kate! Love your glamour pics! What a beauty!!!! Hey, aren't naps the bomb??? 😏 Your gadgets are cool (no pun intended!) Have a wonderful weekend, my friend.

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