FRESNEL LENS SOLAR HOT WATER, Heat Solar Pool Heater Solar Swimming Pool greenpowerscience

FRESNEL LENS SOLAR HOT WATER, Heat Solar Pool Heater Solar Swimming Pool greenpowerscience
A large Fresnel Lens (moderate Fresnel groove) solar focused on a copper lens tube with a 12 V pump (powered by two 6 watt solar panels) with water circulating through the unit. Water, seven gallons, was raised from 63 F to 106 F in one hour. It is not super efficient as heat is lost at the open top of the glass tank. This is designed to illustrate one method of solar heating a swilling pool with a Large Fresnel Lens.




Wild B says:

It doesnt look cloudy behind you..

porsche944ct says:

Where can I find on of them copper plate thing you got there ?

muhammad tayab says:

hi…can u plz tell me the size and type of this lens for proper pool heating…thanks

Bharathwaj K says:

Almost 11 years before this theory you have been explaining

Explore Mind Tech says:

Sir before years when you upload videos not much public is using YouTube but at this time all public of India use YouTube for watching videos please upload videos at this time high users of youtube raise your subscribers daily and you get millions of subscribers with high views u can also upload ur old videos in a new manner God bless u Sir

Explore Mind Tech says:

I am from India Sir You are a scientist minded I seen ur innovated videos from last 5 years i really like your videos

ExMachina SC2 says:

The Amount of energy in just a small area, that gathers suns rays. This just to show, the whole Oil/Gas , fossil fuel industry didn't want to develop Solar power for good reason. And now we are having Gigafactories, and tesla cars. that could all potentially be solar powered in the future.

Susanna Stephens says:

Please fence off this area to prevent the possibility of a pet or child wandering into the area.

travis tatasciore says:

Now the equation I am interested in is how many BTU (British Thermal Units) this can produce.

gk10002000 says:

Those copper tubes won't last long when the neighborhood punk thieves see them and come and steel them

caleb prodtoins says:

Best video ever on YouTube thumbs up this is awesome

Dummies says:

Yeah that's how wildfires start

james williams says:

Almost 10 years later as someone who wants to go into water treatment this is a fascinating video. One day my hope is that I can use something like a fresnel lens to create a form of passive desalination to better humanity.

طومسون Thompson says:

From where can I get this solar collector?

The Q news says:

Burn the beejesus out of the side of a plastic or vinyl pool

My Ideas says:

Where I can purchase the copper looping system, do you selling it?

MrSandmanatee says:

This video will be ten years old this year…

Jeff Walker says:

I like your videos Dan. I wish you would post more. Your experiments are engaging and fun. I like this idea for heating water. Which way to use it yet….IDK.

Jeff Walker says:

At 2510btu/hr….

3413 BTU = 1 kW.
This is a .7354 kW system

1 horsepower = 746 watts
1000 watts = 1kW….SO….

735.4 watts is almost a 1 horsepower system, but not quite.

If this were a swimming pool it is no longer 7 gallons….He is going to need a bigger system because the evaporative cooling effect at nighttime will completely destroy any gains during the day.

Average swimming pool = 18000 gallons. At 2510 BTU/hr…= 2571 hours until the entire pool is 106 degrees. That comes to about 4 months wait time, which might work out if you can keep the water from losing heat and steaming off.

Jeff Walker says:

Dan didn't mention the specifics:

7 gallons water = 58.38 lbs.
63F to 106F = 43F change in "about the hour mark", according to Dan.
1 BTU = 1lb of water raised 1 Degree F.
58.38 lbs X 43 = 2,510btu/hour

Donny Sooklal says:

Love your concept…where can I buy a lens of that size?

White TriForce says:

What kind of pool are you going to heat ? – A Kiddy pool ! **)

All things Tech says:

you could make the copper tubing black to make it more absorbant

Hush Whisper says:

This is a cool video. It made me think. Why don't you just put a really large black circle in the bottom of your pool? One, that could be easily removed and cleaned, simply by sliding it out. It wouldn't have to be a thick material. A light one would do. Made out of what I'm not sure, but it sound's a whole lot easier to do. Good luck buddy, nice video.

shawn chartrand says:

same pump in my pc

Greg Wallace says:

How quick can you pump the water and still get good heat transfer.

Jeremy Gillespie says:

MFW copper tube has heatsink but hes trying to get heat into water : /

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