Free HAM Radio Solar Data Desktop Gadget App N0NBH)

Free HAM Radio Solar Data Desktop Gadget App N0NBH)

Free Solardata Gadget by N0NBH

Gadgets have been discontinued through Microsoft, but you can still use this one!

Solardata Gadget makes you aware of the solar-terrestrial conditions and when it is optimum for broadcast…and when it might not be.

Works on Win7 32-bit and older. (unknown for Win7 64-bit/Win 8.)

Desktop gadget sits on your desktop and is updated every three hours automatically!

To Install:

Unzip (Extract) this archive file to a temporary folder.

You will see a folder named “Solardata.Gadget”

Move, cut & paste, or copy that folder to:

C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets\

After moving the folder to the new location,
Right-click on desktop and select GADGETS.

Double-click on the gadget icon named Solar Data and it will appear on your desktop.
You can move it around and relocate the position.





Terry C. says:

Link has expired as someone else has said. Nice looking station.

kirill747 says:

this widget is still avail on website hamqsl . com / solar .html , remove spaces. then scroll down and after all the html banners you will see both for w10 and w7

Derp says:

Here is a similar gadget that still has a valid link. If you use windows 8 or 10, you'll need to install 8GadgetPack to use gadgets.

GrimlyKK says:

"This file has expired and no longer exists on this server."

Ron Hunker says:

I have 7 Ul 64 bit and it worked great.Thanks for the tip

Muthamaki Melkitsedek Yahuda Wa Ayahudi says:

Thanks for the info … but its been removed, Ive been using it for a few years and have almost depended on it for the latest data but it is not functioning at now it is not updating and the website is off the air suspiciously because my earthquake meter is going wild after the last few days of cool sun weather, its picking up again and with more force … maybe 188 day cycle … thanks again

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