Florida it’s Illegal to Power Your Home with Solar Panels—Thanks to Lobbying

Florida it’s Illegal to Power Your Home with Solar Panels—Thanks to Lobbying

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Wisconsin Rails to trails cycler says:

This is why I think POLICE are dumbed down, criminal-made stupid law enforcers who just ENFORCE, with no rationalization or logic required for the position required. Rent the movie "The Gauntlet" with Clint Eastwood and Sandra Locke, it's just a movie, but it illustrates my point…

Daniel Vale says:

Produce energy to myself…with the sun.

Susan Vue says:

Relax the USA is going socialist Florida is just leading the way.

jkjkhardcore666 says:

Lobbying is a disease, what do you guys think of Andrew Yang's democracy dollars to fight lobbying?

cort wilcox says:

all of this video is a LIE.. it is not illegal to go off the electrical grid. stop spreading lies. do some real research ya fuckin moron.

UltraJake says:

FYI this isn't true. Google it, people.

Julio Peinado says:

This is unconstitutional.

Odd profile picture says:

Oil conpanies be paying up on florida

tusvi tusvi says:

The best is to purchase a rv , van and install solar panels and move out when a hurricane comes or use its power . or fight to change the laws.! this is not America anymore. or it's illegal to own a solar RV and van.

Jeff somersby says:

Jesus … in Australia we get subsidised by putting up solar panels. I worked building power stations for 15 years butt there hasn't been a new one in this state built for well over twenty years … Even Hotels use 100 % Solar Power when possible these days and also rainwater tanks for flushing toilets …Think about it…you have a hundred crappers in your place of business that's a lot of water down the drain … cough cough …

Jeff somersby says:

America why do you let the Government and Lobbyists have their own way to screw up your nation?
It's Free electricity and they don't want you to be able to have free electricity …How on Earth you guys put up with this is beyond me. The constant BS done by these super rich people is making your country a poor nation with tariffs against China (as if that's a good idea)….and States whining about Solar Panels it doesn't give people on less than a half a million a year to get ahead very much.
Home of the free and the brave ???? …BS !!!!!

Adam D says:

I'm from the UK and I must admit, I started visiting Sarasota, Florida a few years ago
Love the place, but I always wondered why there were houses with no solar panels, it genuinely blew me away that it was a massive challenge to install solar panels in Florida and not only that, illegal to collect rain water?
Florida has monsoon type downpours compared to the UK due to the humidity and the gulf I presume, you could fill a massive tank with water in no time
So I'm guessing because there's an abundance of both water and sun light, the companies and sadly the government, capitalise on it, which is very sad.
American should be the at the forefront of allowing people to be independent and free in this regard at least.

Truth Giant says:

That's what happens when you idiots keep voting republican. Red state = Dead state.

Darrell Petersen says:

The USA Is so fucked up, Russians have more freedoms

jodopeg says:

60K for solar panels…?,,, fvck it,,, just connect to FP&L
Just buy a trailer home and park it on rural land,,, there's no taxes, requirement, no termites, and no connection unless you want it.

douglas howard says:

must be the anti-Nikola Tesla law.

a man of many parts says:

Step one: Remove the main circuit breaker. Job done, no step two required. Your home is still connected to the power network, but your wiring (and solar system) isn't.


Florida you can have solar panels but you have a tie them back into the grid so if there's like a power outage you're just kind of screwed well if you're really smart you could put a switch so when the power goes out you could just flip the switch and it would just connect from their service and then you would be stand anlone

rationalguy says:

Another example of how Republicans claim to be for small government until it comes to supporting predatory capitalism.

No Name says:

Sheeppeople love play'n da "Blame/Shame/Complain Game all da time. That's just one ancient way to control so many flocks of sheeppeople cause sheeppeople are too ignorant to comprehend that they are just as powerful as anyone else. Those few who actually don't love sitting on ass watching videos all da time, like good Sheepeople do, are also the ones that da Sheeppeople Herders fear most. Maybe next life they all do more than just learn about how all humanity is responsible for all humanity.

James Curry says:

I have a good question.
If I don't pay the bill they shut off my power but, if I am supplying the grid and don't pay my bill… fuckdeygundo?🤷🏿‍♂️

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