Five Cites on Mars? Architecture Studio Releases Its Plans

Five Cites on Mars? Architecture Studio Releases Its Plans

Five cities on Mars, home to one million people? That’s the vision of architecture studio ABIBOO, which has drawn up designs based on the latest scientific research — and created an impressive three-and-a-half minute video to showcase it. “According to the architecture company’s analysis, the construction can start by 2054,” reports EuroNews, “and it could be built by 2100 — that is — when the first community could start living there…”
“Water is one of the great advantages that Mars offers, it helps to be able to get the proper materials for the construction. Basically, with the water and the Co2, we can generate carbon and with the carbon, we can generate steel,” says Alfredo Muñoz [founder of the architecture studio]. The architecture company plans to use exclusively Martian materials for the construction…

The Mars city project is part of scientific work organised by The Mars Society and developed by the SONet network, an international team of scientists and academics.

ABIBOO envisions “vertical cities” with large green spaces powered by solar panels, with inhabitants surviving on a plant-based diet from the greenhouse-grown crops (which also produce oxygen). The communities would be connected by elevators and tunnels, “all built into the side of a cliff to protect inhabitants from atmospheric pressure and radiation.”

Muñoz argues that rather than repeating earth’s mistakes of damaging the planet, careful planning can “try to minimize or ensure that new colonizations on other planets happen sustainably.”

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