Exploring Tesla Solar Roof vs. Solar Panels

Exploring Tesla Solar Roof vs. Solar Panels

Exploring Tesla Solar Roof vs. Solar Panels. Get Surfshark VPN at https://surfshark.deals/undecided and enter promo code UNDECIDED for 83% off and 3 extra months for free! It caught a lot of people by surprise when Tesla increased the Solar Roof’s cost by a pretty big margin. But they’re not playing this game alone. Let’s explore how Tesla solar roof tiles stack up against the competition and what’s a better value, solar panels or solar tiles?

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Undecided with Matt Ferrell says:

So what would you prefer … solar tiles or solar panels? And if you liked this video, be sure to check out "Exploring if Tesla Solar Roof Is About To Go Mainstream": https://youtu.be/Xi_5PqHcKNc?list=PLnTSM-ORSgi7UWp64ZlOKUPNXePMTdU4d

Ron Sexton says:

The tiles are just too expensive for now. Panels look like the way to go. But i don't see things discussed like how to keep pigeons from roosting under them and the cost to seal them. More information on this would be great.

Tony Gilbert says:

"One isn't better than the other" – Well, you already showed that panels are better than a solar tiled roof when it comes to cost, warranty, and electrical production. I hope that tiles becomes more ubiquitous over time. I am all for them, however, I will always go with panels over tiles. And the top reason for me saying that, outside of cost, productivity, and ease of replacement is that I have a flat roof. That simple. Tiles make zero sense for my roof, and there are a lot of buildings and homes out there where they make no sense. That is good though, because it means that competition will still drive pricing for either option and that some areas it make way more sense to get one over the other. And yes, it can make total sense to choose a tile over a panel, as well. For example, some HOAs might not approve of solar panels on roofs, but they would likely be more interested in a solar tiled roof, as that will be more likely to keep with the neighborhood aesthetic and increase the individual home's value.

Tagiuk Gold says:

Make me some optical rectifying antenna with terahertz oscillators.

wrefk says:

How would a traditional roof be repaired/replaced if it had panels mounted on it? I imagine it would add a chunk of cost to have the panels removed, then reinstalled and repaired if needed after the new roof was finished.

MichaelAussie05 says:

Thanks for your time and efforts on a excellently researched and presented video on this subject. I really enjoyed this video I found it informative and entertaining. Cheers.

L G says:

I tried using EnergySage but all I get is an error message stating that they aren't in my area.

Brian Willess says:

With the Tesla tile you didn't mention warranty and efficiency?

Brian Willess says:

So the first was 718 m2 and tesla was 757m2 but Tesla's is a whole NEW roof!!! So take the first one and add to it a replacement roof prior to the panels and I think Tesla is then cheaper!

m Patrick says:

You really do a wonderful job communicating ideas.

L G says:

Does anyone know if most Homeowner's Associations are okay with solar panels or would they be likely to insist on solar tiles? Our HOA seems pretty chill, but I know of some others that aren't.

Rick Allen says:

Matt, you didn't mention the effect of micro inverters on panels. Could you talk about a direct comparison of how they affect the relative pricing?

R says:

One thing about solar panels is that you can take them with you when you move.

Sapele Steve says:

Nice comparison video Matt! We just had a new roof installed last year. So, the obvious choice for us would be to go with solar panels. However, not being sure how much longer we will reside in this home and being up there in years, it would make no sense for us to even consider going solar. Like you said, you've got to take into account many factors before getting on the solar band wagon. Hope that you and your family are doing well & staying safe! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

David Beppler says:

My next roof will happen after I buy and pay off a Tesla model 3. Thinking in about 6 years. By then Tesla should have it sorted. Even in Elon time. lol

R says:

My roof is unlikely to need replacing in my lifetime. Solar panels would be the only way. Of course, solar tiles look much nicer.

William Irving says:

Well I like the aesthetics and the dual use concept of the solar tiles, however the fact that my roof is covered in snow for at least 6 months of the year means it just isn't the right fit for my climate. And NO I can't just clear the snow off my roof, I'd be up on the roof 3 times a week for some months. Panel for me.

watchtheskies says:

Would a full solar roof keep the house beneath it cooler in summer, leading to less energy requirements for air conditioning?

A3Kr0n says:

I think using tiles when it comes time to replace your roof is the way to go.

T_ C says:

The biggest issue with solar is the need for energy storage. Batteries, as of now and the immediate future(10-15+ years) are just not feasible, too short term, too environmentally destructive, and too complicated to recycle. This is just the fact of the matter.

Unless we explore large scale energy storage at centralized, mega-efficient, facilities, this isn't going to work. Dams are one of these methods, but not everywhere can have a giant dam holding billions of gallons of water to use when the sun isn't out.

Perhaps flywheels? Molten salt? More dams?

Solar panels aren't currently the problem (that much. they still currently get recycled by burning in trash piles in africa) but the massive amounts of energy storage we need to realize them that doesn't depend on batteries.

Michael Harrison says:

The aesthetic argument in my opinion is biased when considering retro installation of PV. I have seen some very good looking house designs that used PV 'panels' (these are actually referred to as PV modules in the industry). These good looking houses were based on them being designed around the integration of PV so not only did they provide a large uncluttered rectangular area for the PV the roof was optimally angled towards the sun.

Going forward as the integration of PV into new house builds, I wonder if we are going to see more consideration for PV in the designs? If this is the case then this might reduce the aesthetic advantage for PV roof tiles.

Darrin Jillson says:

Matt, I am a couple of years out from needed a new roof on a 1700 sq foot home. I am past need a new roof on the barn. I was looking at getting Tesla out, but the pull out of Michigan for roofing projects. I am hoping I can get them out for the house roof. I am going to have to go with something different for the barn this year.

Mile Kragulj says:

See this patent. US20070157963A1 .

gamelord12 says:

What does the prospect of solar look like if you live in a dense apartment building? Not much square footage for solar panels or tiles compared to how many people are going to need that energy, if the residents in the building even have the ability to insist on their installation in the first place. Do you have a video on renewable energy sources directed at dense cities?

Philly Cheese Take says:

Dude, I get what you're trying to do, but just show the entire figure.

Ron M says:

Thanks Matt. πŸ‘

Warren Redlich says:

Great video Matt. Would love to see a comparison between DIY solar panels vs solar panel installers.

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