Exploring Tesla solar panels game changing price

Exploring Tesla solar panels game changing price

Exploring Tesla solar panels game changing price. In Tesla’s Q2 earnings call Elon Musk dropped the little bombshell that Tesla’s solar panels cost $1.49 per watt after incentives. I found that it can be even lower than that. This is a huge step forward for the price of solar power. Why? Let’s get into it.

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Undecided with Matt Ferrell says:

Anyone planning on getting Tesla Solar? If you like this video, be sure to watch "Exploring solar panel efficiency breakthroughs in 2020" here: https://youtu.be/2uIOeHCOr-0

Don Elliott says:

"after federal tax credit"…….Why do we have a tax credit for them to make a profit. When the government sets up a false economy, the people get screwed. If Tesla can't get a product to market that is competitive and profitable, keep working on it until the free market will support it.

Leslie Isgrigg says:

As I have said, none of this has any impact on the poor.
I love what Elon has done, but it has no effect on the poor. Hell, he won't even let DIYers buy any of his hardware, you know those folks that made solar a thing.
We are forced into to buying from China based firms for the price, we have to build our own Power Walls just be able afford a power wall.
To my knowledge, Mr. Musk has no plans to bring in the DIYs, they just don't have the revenue flow to interest him, or his companies.
Long live the poor.

John Smith says:

If they can get down to $1 a watt with incentives along with a 15% better increase in solar panel efficiency and coming out with a cheaper, higher capacity gen 3 battery then that would be a game changer.

$15,000 after incentives for a 12kw system with one gen 3 backup battery would be huge.

Richard Getz says:

How is Tesla investing in new solar tech? Time for you to do a 1:1 interview! 🙂

Allen Loser says:

Get the fully installed cost under $1,000 for a 3 kilowatt system and I'll reconsider. 'Fully installed cost' includes all hardware, labor by licensed professionals, permits, inspections and any incidentals which I have missed.

It must be ground-mounted in my back yard. I'll not allow anyone to put anything on my new metal roof with a 40 year warranty.

Melissa S. says:

This video just saved me over $6000 to get a 8.16 kWh system through Tesla vs another company that I was moving forward with for a 6.12 kWh system!
Tesla's prices were more expensive when I last checked them, and I had not thought to check again! Then I saw this video and immediately cancelled the project with the other company (I just signed the contract yesterday and had 3 days to back out), and am moving forward with Tesla solar!

The other company was sucking me in due to the lower monthly cost (financed at 2.99% APR for 25 years), but the overall cost was SO much higher! Thanks for saving me over $6000 😃

Aashay Tambi says:

Mine was cheaper then that. I paid 1.40 a watt. Cheaper then tesla but my was a local guy.

Paul Freedman says:

In netherlands, no permit is needed for solar panels, as long as one obeys a set of rules, which are fairly relaxed.

Marco Nierop says:

In December 2013 I paid €1.89 per Watt for my 3.5Kw installation, this included everything,, including an upgrade to Solaredge inverter and micro optimizers per panel, its already paid back for itself. The more expensive Solaredge components were totally worth it, as some roof extension from my neighbours casting a shade over some of my panels during the late afternoon do not have such an impact now on the performance of the whole system.

hydrolife tech says:

The cost of solar panels here in Kenya is USD 0.02 per W. That plus about USD 50 shipping to anywhere in the country and USD 150 installation costs

Michael Reiser says:

Where does Tesla Solar install? Missouri is not in their area, and it seems that many other areas are not. Is it just California, Texas and East Coast?

Gary Smith says:

The UK isn't usually regarded as being a cheap place but yesterday I ordered a 4.2kW kit for £2300, we don't require any permits to fit this on a roof or on the ground in a domestic garden, it just has to comply with electrical regs and a few basic rules on what's termed "permitted development"

Five Larrabees says:

I paid a total of …. $15 for permits in KY to install a 7.5kw system.

Steve Baker says:

Why so expensive here in Australia our average solar cost about $.39 per watt

Richard Vaughn says:

Technically solar panels only cost 1.20 per watt retail and you can buy the inverter for $2000 for 4kw. There is a bubble in the labour costs created by the tax incentives. When you increase the demand for something the price goes up. You could install it yourself for less than 10k.

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