Expert Advice on Using REDARC Solar Products

Expert Advice on Using REDARC Solar Products

Learn from the experts with tips and advice on how to get the best setups for REDARC solar products and save money in the process.

REDARC Queensland Area Sales Manager Stuart Peddle explains the features and benefits of the REDARC solar product range including MPPT Solar Regulators, Solar Regulator Remote Monitors, Monocrystalline Solar Panels and Amorphous Solar Blankets.

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SatansSpatula says:

@1:24 "This here's a panel, the emblem of our land.  You can hang it in a tree, you can put it on your van.  Amen!"

philbie000 says:

I have a dometic lifepo4 40ah portable battery and want to charge it with a solar system, they say I can’t have a solar system that generates more than 8-25 v dc without a solar controller. Or, with a solar controller, ensure that it does not need a counter voltage from the battery side to start charging, and that it’s maximum charging is 10A. Which of your red arc solar systems would be suitable to charge my battery pack, as described and monitor voltages in and out as well?

Konig says:

Are the flexible solar panels which you can fold away less effective than those big panels you have on the trailer?

Fred Nurke says:

thanks for explaining, I know next to nothing on powering my camp site, so I need to learn a lot more.

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