Does Cleaning Solar Panels Make a Difference?

Does Cleaning Solar Panels Make a Difference?

Does cleaning Dave’s solar panels make any difference?

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Chris Kaye says:

Hi Dave, any chance you can do some filming of any areas nearest to you that were hit by fires to see how bad things are now? You know, the kind of stuff the MSM never feedback on after the sensationalism and ad revenue from “end of world” doom and gloom subsides…?

John Keepin says:

Depends on the weather in the main. I’ve had a similar setup for over 6 years – same inverter manufacturer as well. I’ve never tried to manually clean the panels; they are too high up on the roof, so it’s down to rain, snow etc.

You probably know that temperature makes a significant difference to the panel efficiency – the colder, the better, so washing with really cold water on a hot day might make a temporary difference. At my place, the ideal weather is frequent showers on otherwise hot days. Really hot blue sky days drive down the performance quite a bit, so that the inverter can’t reach it’s “peak” mode of operation.

If you’ve got a data sheet for your panels, it should state what the “power temp coefficient” is, e.g. -0.4%/ °C, with a nominal quoted value being done at 25°C. Worth searching this term if you like.

Adrienne Robles Elisabeth Morrison says:

OMG 😍💋 💝💖❤️

Adrienne Robles Elisabeth Morrison says:

10:43 has the best 😍💋 💝💖❤️

Bernd Felsche says:

Splash of water temporarily cools. Increases output.

gary slatter says:

My #olarpanels self cleaned…..

metallitech says:

Solar Freakin' Roofways

stian nobelisto says:

This makes me motivated to clean at least the solar panel on my calculator, but not today, maybe tomorrow

Alex Atkin says:

Interesting, I honestly would have thought it WOULD make a measurable difference. Its kinda good to know seeing as most people don't bother cleaning them at all. (although presumably there is a point where they get dirty enough it suddenly IS a problem)

TYPE xxi - WOLF says:

just a single branch on a solar panel can crush the numbers of that chain.
too much shadow …

autumn is coming … here

while you enjoy the spring …

N Andrews says:

Pauls Hardware did this like 3 years ago, you re late to the show mate.

Justin Thomas says:

0:53 The reason I would not be able to live in Australia, spiders everywhere. Disgusting 8 legged freaks.

David says:

Thanks Dave. i'm just interested on knowing are those vents on the roof to stop the house from getting to hot in the summer months or to vent moisture out from the house? Thanks.

red9350 says:

Heheh "Sunny Boy"

Dave Webster says:

If your panels are evenly dirty it's not to much of an issue I guess, bit if you spot a small number of cells are dirty Vs the rest it's worth a clean as that cell is now a resister..

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