Do It Yourself Solar Power? – Easy DIY Solar Panel Installation!

Do It Yourself Solar Power? – Easy DIY Solar Panel Installation!

Solar Power and renewable energy is the way of the future. Get $250 dollars off your custom solar plans HERE: It is the instruction booklet I used to install the solar panels on my house – but will be specifically designed for your home.

If you want someone ELSE to install your solar. Tesla Solar is priced better than most. $250 Tesla Solar discount is here:

Attempt any DIY project at your own risk. Follow local code. Working with electricity can be dangerous.

Here are my numbers.
I have an 8.06kw solar system. It cost me $13,300 (before incentives)
With the federal incentive for 2020 (26% tax credit) and my state tax credit ($1600) it brings the cost of my system down to $8,243. Remember these are 2020 prices.

Tesla would have charged me $17,000 to install a 7.56kw system in 2020.
Another company bid $21,200 for an 8kw system.
and a fourth company was $21,700 for fully installed 8.68kw
(all those bids are before government incentives)

My energy costs around $0.11 per kWh on average. Using a solar calculator like the one here: I can see that my system will generate about 12,000 kWh per year. Which is about $1,319 worth of energy. So my system will ‘pay itself off’ in about 6.2 years with incentives, and 10 years without the incentives. The best part though, is that over 30 years my panels will generate around $35,000 dollars worth of energy. Far more than what I paid. And they’ll keep on making energy longer than that. Totally worth it.

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LARGE tool kit:
Travel Tool Kit:
Green Pry tool:
Metal phone opening tool:

The camera I used to film this video:
The Lens I used for this video:
Wide angle lens:
And this Metabones adapter:
This is the drone I use:

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Reclusive Eagle says:

Jerry: "Easy to install DIY solar panels!"
Me: "I want to do DIY installation, What could go wrong?"
Also me: Installs them backwards so they take power from my home and give it to the sun

Clarence J says:

To bad ac wire doesn't work good for dc unless using micro inverters. DC travels over the outside edge of the wire and in return that's why you see many strains of wires. Ac wire is single copper wire or a few is because ac travels through the copper not just the outside edge. Huh open this helps someone to do things right the first time around. If you don't follow this rule with wire it will get hot vfc for sure.

Hieu Nguyen says:

Solar panels are beneficial in long term, that is when they work as expected. A lot of people had their panels failed while using and even caused fire that burned out their houses but Tesla refused to carry out the warranty and compensation because it would be too expensive for them and they’re shady AF.

Mark Sells says:

Really should use more sealant while flashing man.

J J says:

I can't say anything about solar panels/systems, other than from what I gather from a relative's experience with them and that is that the power storage units(batteries) are the most expensive and first part in the system that needs replacing generally. I can however speak to the roof on which they are being installed, and I would never recommend installing a new system on an aged asphalt shingle roof. In most parts of the country you are lucky to get a full 20 years from asphalt composition shingle roof, especially with no repairs during that time. In Pennsylvania the average is about 17 years and I can personally attest to this. Yes under ideal conditions/locations some people do get 25-30 years but they are far and few between at least where I live. If your going to put that type of investment permanently anchored to your roof you should consider putting a permanent roof on such as a Standing Seam steel roof. Especially if you are 1/3 or more past the projected lifespan of existing roof.

Lon sewell says:

Unfortunately in my state of Alabama the power company charges you $5 per every kilowatt you produced by solar. I wanted to do it for a while not worth it 🙁

oisiaa says:

I'm having my Tesla 10kW system installed today! Can't wait!

R99pinball says:

What app was that?

Casablanca says:

"The energy company takes 10% of the top because they CAN."

M says:

after 10 years tou will regret you muck up ypur roof with this sh*t


hey motta 😂

Creative says:

My integrated assignement is about the solar cell. But I have a question since I added a chapter about Solar Panels.
Why do u have so many panels? In this video your house does not look that big, why would you need that much energy?

Christiaan Baartman says:

very cool man . . . .

Lêøń says:

What are you going to do in the winter when the solar panels are going to be covered in snow all the time

general says:

should do solar tracking panels some day.

Azeem Nasir says:

which phone are you using at 14:55?
Can anyone else tell me?

Badabing Bodaboom says:

Hitman does need off the grid power

Thomas A says:

I’m curious, you have any trade or academic/engineering type education?

I did some solar installs during my apprenticeship and it was all plug in gear except we had to make the longer leads to get DC down to the inverter, and install a couple isolators

I’m curious what the legalities in your area for doing it yourself… here we need electricity supplier approval, and a licensed electrician (like myself!) to do the job. And the government rebate requires someone do some extra training course to sign it off

Batman says:

This is so amazing!

Ben Currier says:

“Like a LEGO” hahaha still making references even after getting the LEGO technic crane!

Lieutenant Dan's Legs says:

Did ya solder the cells together jerry? Did ya really jerryrigeverything?

Jeremiah Powell says:

About a year ago I was about to have solar installed on my house but after talking with a company and having our house checked out then I checked with the city and they were going to charge me $50 for solar and they wouldn’t pay me for my solar that was sending back to the grid to recoup the $50. So after finding that out my city I live in Oklahoma wasn’t going to work out for use. The cost to pay on the panels and the city bill I wouldn’t be able to afford it. If I could make money on then below the $50 it would of worked. I was still paying for water sewer and trash on the city bill witch couldn’t be paid for with solar production

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