DIY Solar Water Heater! The CPVC “Drip-Edge” Solar Water Heater! – New Design/Exp.(CPVC+Metal)

DIY Solar Water Heater! The CPVC “Drip-Edge” Solar Water Heater! – New Design/Exp.(CPVC+Metal)

DIY Solar Water Heater! This one is made using CPVC pipe (*or copper) and is backed with metal stats for maximum temps. video includes full build plus temp tests (before and after the build). with air temp about 50F (10C) water temps ranged from 110-160F (43-71C). *depending on water flow rate, how long it’s run, outdoor temps, intensity of the sun etc. a few stats: frame is made from 1×3.lumber, back is ¼” plywood and glass support “dowels” are 3/8” square. Glass is 28” by 32”. Metal slats are 1 ½” by 1 ½” Steel Drip-Edge Roof Flashing (sold in 10’ lengths – about $4 each). CPVC pipe is ½”. coupler pieces… 18 tees, 4 elbows and a ½” adapter *w/pvc garden hose adapter at the inlet. remember to use ‘CPVC’ pipe cement. Collector can be made with either cpvc or copper. cpvc is light, strong, and flexible, is rated for hot and cold potable water systems (up to 180F) and has lifespan of 50-75 years. Note: the water won’t get that hot. *even my copper pipe water heaters top out at 175F in the summer temps of 110F. if you like the vid. please rate sub and share.



Sören Alexnat says:

I like the design, but wouldn't it be more effective to have a reflective background like aluminium which reflects the sunlight back to the piping? Sorry, maybe a stupid question, i'm just at the beginning of getting impressions an informations to build a waterheater for my kids pool…

James Brock says:

Love your videos very straight to it and informing

surya prakash says:

i am thinking to make 150 litre what is thikness in mm pipe you using and temperature difference in rainy or winter days it workes ?

Citizen Cain says:

Does the hot water produced, stay at that temperature for as long as you need it? Or does it only stay that high for a few minutes.. ?

Rob Petrie says:

It resembles a ordinary car radiator, which is a heat exchanger. I've got one lying around, might just give it a shot.

cri8tor says:

Will plexiglass work instead of regular glass?

BreakIt MakeItBetter says:

pvc and pvc have insulative properties. would making the "radiator" out of copper have been a better idea as far as absorbing heat. juat curious.

Pugwash says:

This is a great design for simplicity. I might try this myself and see how it performs in our English meagre sunshine.

Grave Walker says:

desertsun02: Great work and I like the ideas with your easy to follow method. I have only seen this and one other vid, and checked your channel page for the install . I wonder if you just build these great projects and put them in storage since I haven't see any follow up on the application regarding this one and the solar air heater project, the two I've seen thus far.

Roger Schrager says:

How well does the water drain back? Concerns with freezing.

Richard Bedard says:

If I build one for my next cabin I'll build it bigger, paint just the pipe, leave the drip edge bare, and have the water cycle through an insulated (old water heater?)tank with a small recycling pump. I'm remembering an old solar hot water system I once had.

Ben Ward says:

Very well done no BS intro music straight to the point and materials list very well presented!!

Rmit Sharma says:

Nice video!

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