DIY Solar Water Heater Full Build

DIY Solar Water Heater Full Build

I made a DIY solar water heater for a friend that needed it for him and his family’s jacuzzi! After doing a ton of research and getting a ton of help from RC Insider (who made a great video on this with a full supplies list), I went for it myself!

I made this water heater with:
1/2″ exterior plywood
1/16″ acrylic sheet
2x4x8 KD doug fir
2x4x8 Treated doug fir (though I wish I did 4×4)
8″ zip ties
500′ roll of 1/2″ irrigation tubing
1/2″ tube to hose connectors
Brass tube to hose connector
5/8″ water hoses
A water pump
Lag bolts and nuts
Black latex exterior paint
Pocket hole screws
Deck screws
Tite Bond III wood glue
… and I think that’s it!

I wasn’t able to see it in person, but my friend shot me pictures (that are also in this video) of how a temperature reading of 120 degrees for the water coming out of the water heater and his current weather was 83 degrees!

Couldn’t be more happy with that result since I thought I would be lucky to get 90/95 degree water.

Lots of lessons learned on this project since I usually do 100% woodworking furniture projects.

Also, shout out to my friend Ryan Geery! Without your help, I would not have been able to complete this project!

Hope you enjoy the build!

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Jesse Markx says:

Well Done Pal,,, Thankx for sharing

Sharon Harrison says:

Hi Jim!
It really does look like an art piece. Can you give details on where you purchased the cover piece and pump details. Thank you…

Bill Basher bill says:

Bethnal Turin.

Xeno Cartland says:

I'm not sure if you direct under sun, your plastic shield can stand for how many years? 2-3 years. Pvc pipe are not ideal, you should use copper pipe.

Gary Robert says:

Really need outside team, inlet water temp, outlet water and flow.

RC Insiders says:

Awesome work there Nick! Subscribed now my friend 😀

Jim Lee says:

Thanks so much for the detailed work and preparation to create this masterpiece. It's truly a work of art in addition to its functionality. I'll be able to use it well into the fall. Proud owner of a late night woodworker product!

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