DIY Solar Water Heater – Build A Solar Pool Heater From old Double Glazed Window

DIY Solar Water Heater – Build A Solar Pool Heater From old Double Glazed Window

DIY Solar Water Heater – Build A Solar Pool Heater From old Double Glazed Window

Rain Bird Irrigation Hose 1/2″
8 Pieces Hose Connectors for Irrigation System
Hose Clamp- Adjustable 16-25mm Range

DIY Solar Pool Heater from Twin Wall Polycarbonate Sheet

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Leos Tüftelei says:

Good idea and nice work! 👍 👌

tapsulinka says:

Very important information would be:
– outside temperature
– place where that is situated

Sexton Blake says:

Maybe something less conductive as the base, like thin ply. Might be lighter too.

Maria Cabezas says:

Very complex….

Justin Myers says:

This is a good video. You can run larger pipe – say 200 feet of 1 1/2 black pipe as near as possible to roof to heat and store more water than this. As anything with solar alone – output is greatly varied – but definitely efficient.

serif sozbir says:

good idea. thanks for video.

Ralph Parker says:

just watched a video of geothermal system. He could add a set of these to make his system even more efficient!

John Merton says:

I use a 90mm pvc sewer pipe [holds 20 liters ] painted black and the water gets too hot to use in the middle of the day

MowMud says:

Brilliant! Looks snazzy too. Too heavy to carry around… maybe you could mount it in the pool house.

Van Tha says:

Beautiful love u.

Jim W says:

This is definitely the best looking solar heater. Heck you could reinstall that in the window. Cut my finger trying to undo a double glazed window. Just cause it looks smooth everyone needs to wear gloves! Thanks for the lesson.

Lucas Gomes says:

Muito bom. Fique pensando… Você colocou o vidro e se precisar da manutenção?

michael frost says:

made one of these. you need a trickle to make it hot. no enough flow to heat it up.

twothess twoone says:

Great video. Should the water be fed through the pipe slowly? Otherwise how will it have time to heat up?

Rachid Alhaj says:

Merci. Quelle genre de tuillio pour regler ce truc

Panhandle PPG Guy says:

How did you get both ends running parallel out the same hole? Looks like it was kinked in center to return. Thx

Александр Степанов says:

Паралельность труб , холодной и гарячей, тем более соприкосновение снижает производительность на 25%– 30%.

Brockside says:

Very interesting and idea stimulating, but like most YouTube videos why the distracting boring repetitive music?

Mark Vegar says:

Wish I had seen this method of heat water when we had swimming pool

Олександр Дячук says:

Надо же додуматься в окно вставить! О голова!

Pascal Peyrat says:

Génial, ça réchauffe une carafe d'eau en 2 minutes…

David Moffitt says:

You could gather more heat from the sun if the top surface was lightly etched to keep the rays from deflecting off the glass.

Kurallar olmazsa, düzen de olmaz. says:

If the glass is black, the sunlight going to the pipe will be less and the water will heat less. Glass should be transparent.

Bi Al says:

Tried this once . In summer pipe melt and explode. Use copper pipes and paint black instead

David Klement says:

If the whole double glazing were used and not cut, it would be more efficient. But then another extra cover would have to be made under that double glazing for that hose.

Yesica Toj says:

quisiera saber si funciona en la noche

Aleksey MICHURIN says:

Так сложно, со стеклопакетом заморочился. Ну браво – хотя можно было более изящное решение найти:) Вода кстати хорошо прогревается в шланге.

Tim W says:

Hallo welchen Kleber hast du verwendet ? Grüße

Mustaqeem Shaikh says:

Would you plzz tell me the construction & working?

09conrado says:

I wonder if it would get even hotter with deep matt black paint layer

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