DIY Solar Thermal Heated Pool

DIY Solar Thermal Heated Pool

This is a very quick, down and dirty video on how I am heating my daughters swimming pool. I’m heating it with solar thermal panels that I have on the garage. The panels usually heat my garage radiant floor. But, being spring time, I don’t need any more heat inside the garage. The solar thermal collectors usually go un-used all summer. Now I can take advantage of them.

This was a proof of concept. Now that I know it works I will get some proper fittings so I can quickly attach the hoses without needing tape.

The pool itself is filled with rain water off my gutter.

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Bill Monday says:

I do a similar thing with mine by just draping a few lengths of garden hose on the roof and pumping the water through. I got it up to a hot tub like 102F once last summer.

Brad Quinn says:

Put some thick bubble wrap floating on the pool. You will be stunned how well it holds the heat and how much it "lenses' the sun into the pool.

Jimdandy1958 says:

I'm with Eleanor.. it's gotta be warm or i ain't gettin' in it..

zeitGGeist says:

Cool stuff!!!

First Last says:

Haha very cool how you haha did that. Nothing like haha getting free hot water for your haha pool. Haha keep up the haha good work and good haha videos haha.

Nubian Davis says:

Very cool idea!

DIY Renewable Energy & Electronics says:

This is so awesome!


Just curious. How many times so you make that stupid fake "hehe" sound in this vid?

Bill’s Solar power and Gardening says:

I was wondering when you would show us your rain water gathering skills. In some states out west they would fine you for collecting the “people’s” water or “govt’s” water. Collecting without proper permit etc etc. weird right? What about geothermal just to keep your water storage from freezing. Lay lines deep in the ground and circulate water or something. Enjoyed it!

Terry a says:

My father did this in 1970 it will work good but slow.

thedudefromU says:

David show us what's heating the water and how solar powers it

Going Off Grid says:

haha she will love that pool!

voice of truth says:

Please if possible then show us setup. Thanks

D Dixon says:

Very cool…. your ability to improvise is boundless.

JP Tucson, AZ says:

This is one time where using dark green or better, black hoses would be better; in order to collect even more solar energy to heat the water.

TheRainHarvester says:

Be sure to leave an air gap when filling the pool! If the tape breaks, you'll siphon out the pool water!

TheRainHarvester says:

Good volume of water flowing too!

Ken Zylla says:

So nice, Great idea use the sun to keep it warm.
Take care of your family be safe and keep us up to date on all your projects.

David James says:

thermostat or thermometer?

Billy Joe Mac Allister says:

Hi Dave! Solar heated pool is awesome! We're packing up and should be down on the Homestead by the May 5th. I may have a weak cell on the Pozenstien Build smart 4-2 Build. I'll know next time I set it up down there if its gonna hold a charge. In all cases I can leave the breaker off so it doesn't bring down the rest of the pack. We are fully dismantled. ( It might be good as well we hit the knee and drained hard one night.) My fault we had snow on the roof. I'll shoot you an email.

Lou Cinci says:

Great idea. Having fun is what life is all about. Enjoy the ride!

warrior90 says:

You could do the same covering the pool with bubble wrap that is painted black > use rattle can spray paint. If You wanna use the pool You take it off and when not in use it will keep the heat trapped under the bubble wrap. Another nice thing is the pool will stay clean while not in use.

Bobby's Solar Homestead says:

MAN I LOVE THIS!!! So smart!! Thanks for sharing. God Bless!!!

Neil Blanchard says:

Please update us on how quickly it gets warm. Good job on collecting the rain water, too!

Aaron says:

I love the stuff you do. I wish I lived in your neighborhood so we could trade ideas and stuff.

JAMES Just James says:

Fun, fun, in the summer time , everything is going swimmingly!!.. I hope to do something similar this fall, I like swimming at night! With a pool like that it would be easy to add lighting! You can put LEDs on the outside! I'm going to try digging a swimming pond, about 8' deep at the deep end, and go from 2' so you can sit in it like a hot tub, to 4' then drop to 8', I'm thinking line it with plastic, maybe eventually concrete it,

SRW Kriss says:

great work with this idea 🙂

Ron Powell says:

Great idea! You could also dump excess solar power to a water heater element.

Edward Byrd says:

You are a joy Mr Poz

jsj says:

at least your enjoying yourself !

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