DIY Solar Pool Heater – Simple & Easy Design – Did it work? | Anika's DIY Life

DIY Solar Pool Heater – Simple & Easy Design – Did it work? | Anika's DIY Life

Make a DIY solar pool heater using inexpensive material in a weekend. And find out if it works!

Get LOTS more details and update on if these homemade solar pool heaters helped increase the days we could use the pool –

Materials used (affiliate links) –
(Shop them all here –

– Lumber – pressure treated 2×4
– Black Hose –
– 1 hole straps –
– Valves –
– Submersible pump –
– Extra hoses -
– 1-1/4″ exterior screws –
– 2″ exterior screws –
– Matte black spray paint –

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Anika's DIY Life says:

Find out how it worked for us –

Coolride17 says:

Your science is a little off. More water flow makes the temperature lower coming out, but that's ok, because much more volume of water. My electric heater on my pool can only change the water temperature 2-3 degrees coming out of the jets, but it can raise the pools overall temp. 1 degree an hour. If I want my pool 10 degree warmer, I run It for 10hours. , and it's about $10 of electricity also. Even if your water coming out is a 100mph, it's still transferring the same amount of heat, it will just be about the same temp as it goes in, but it's still moving the heat to the pool, for the amount of surface area your using for your heater.Bottom line, it's going to do the same no matter how fast your water flows.

Hans de Groot says:

Nice family project. Thanks for sharing. I'm curious for the results on longer terms.

TeddyBear DIY says:

Your basic idea is sound for small scale heating but my opinion, and its not a scientific one, is that this will not be enough to heat the entire pool due to the sheer volume it contains compared to the volume of water that can be heated at any one time.

ToolBox Divas says:

This is awesome and so practical! I love it๐Ÿ˜Š

Darshan Gandhi says:

Great job!! Awesome project

Music says:

Fantastic Vid. Can't wait for more. also, let's be youtube friends? :d

Top X says:

Awesome! Waiting for The next one! Also, I Want to be Friends Xd

Logan says:

wanna be friends?

Logan says:

wanna be friends?

Girl, Just DIY! says:

Great idea! I love that this was a family project โค

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